The value of great mobile web design and SEO rank in 2017

May 20, 2017

Mobile and responsive design
For a professional company, your website is the window to your world. Since most people use smart phones and tablets for search, the design must be responsive andmobile-friendly. The company website provides the message for your brand and offers insight into what you are all about. Deciding to pay for the best design partner, and setting aside a design budget means you making an investment in your future success.
Great design touches every aspect of your day-to-day operations, and assures you that your brand will be competitive in this competitive online environment. Your company brand should stand with the leaders in your industry. A great design must be developed by a great designer, and it is as simple as that. Your web developer must fully understand how to implement the latest design features and be proficient with the top programming techniques.

Why some companies try to cut corners rather than choose great designers:

We all want to be frugal and save money. This is a good human trait and we should always get what we pay for. Getting what you pay for is especially important when it comes to great web design. We find that many CEOs (trying to cut costs) spend most of their budget on other marketing pursuits. Some choose someone in the company or a relative that has offered to do the website. They soon find that this was not a wise choice.

The impact of a great mobile web design on your brand:

When the budget is being developed it is a day of a good decision to put aside a budget for a team of professional designers. Having a top of the line mobile website will serve you well.Your online website presentation will allow your brand to evolve and become an authority online resource. The site should be functional and visually beautiful. This is the type of site that brings the viewers an exciting web experience. It is also the kind of site which attracts search engine bots. SEO is always enhanced by having a great looking website.

Choosing a design partner:

The right design partner will be made up of a team of other professionals in-house, such as programmers, content writers and graphic artists.  Having this additional capability offers you other resources to call upon.

Avoiding these bad design features:

  • Pages loading slowly
  • An unappealing landing page
  • Outdated design features
  • No visuals or parallax features
  • Bad programming and broken links
  • Bloated content without a clear message
  • Design features that are not user-friendly
  • No security features to discourage hackers

Search engine optimization techniques are crucial for success:

Promoting your site online through marketing methods and SEO is critical for your brand. However, SEO is a long-term strategy. Do not expect immediate results.  It takes time and commitment as you build an authority website. Through great SEO techniques and by continuing to add relevant and original content, your site will reach new heights. When your site is listed on the first few pages of Google and top search engines is the key to generating new business.  It is a well-known fact that 60 percent of all organic traffic is generated by the first three search results. Keeping your site optimized with great original content will help to get your message out.

The importance of continued organic content:

Organic content (as it is added to the site) will help visitors to get to know your brand. Developing this relationship will certainly increase the chances that a visitor will be converted to a buyer. We always suggest that a company should hire a professional content writer to get the best results.  These professionals know how to use the SEO tools effectively to attract a healthy following.

The value of building an authority website:

As the amount of followers increase, the search engines are more likely to label the site as one of authority. Authority websites are highly respected by other peers in the industry. Authority sites are visually pleasing and are functional as well, full of relevant and educational content.  Having the most beneficial content, this site will always receive the highest rank on search engines.


The value of great web design will depend upon a blend of the two techniques of development and search engine optimization methods.  To find out more about how we can build your next great site, contact our design team at Inside Design Orlando.  We offer holiday savings year round and provide design options for all budgets.
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Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional


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