Search engines rank websites higher when you write naturally

Jun 14, 2017

Adding organic and naturally written content to your website makes all the difference. Your site will stand or fall based upon the relevance of your content. Stuffing your copy with keywords does nothing to improve your website rank with search engines.

The value of keywords:

Individual keywords are no longer used for ranking purposes (unless they are used in an informative phrase).  These phrases are called “long tail keywords.” You cannot game or trick your way to better visibility, since search engines are familiar with these all black hat techniques.
The amount and the density of keywords means nothing unless they are used strategically as a part of a long tail key phrase Google judges your article now based solely on whether it is worth reading. Not understanding this can quickly get your site penalized by top search engines.
Rather than depending upon the amount of keywords you can come up with, we suggest you use language which is happy and full of organic content.

Using internal linking strategy for blog articles:

As you add more and more great articles of interest to your website, it is a great idea to link back to them using popular anchor text which generate more interest in other articles you have written. Anchor text is a web standard which signals the search engines as to the topic being discussed.
When using anchor text it is suggested that you do this in a natural way rather than to create an exact match between the words linked and the linking destination.

Using too many links relating to keywords:

You can have too many anchor links on any individual page. This is known as excessive anchor text. This can lead to Google penalties and is considered as spamming. Our best advice is to just write naturally and when there is an opportunity to add anchor text, then do so, but do so sparingly.
Never focus primarily on adding links and manipulating key words or phrasing. All content should flow naturally and organically. Search engines are able to determine natural, organic language and this works best for higher rank.

Be yourself and stay competitive through consistent content marketing:

No one wants to read an article stuffed with keywords. Articles should be educational and creative. At least one image which promotes the topic discussed should be added. Images also create drama and tell a story. When a potential client or customer reaches your website, they are expecting a pleasing experience full of relevant content and imagery which shows your friendly side. Offering additional benefits such as announcing a company special will encourage online visitors to become buyers and followers for your brand.
We want to be engaged, connected and entertained through great content marketing. Most website owners are finally getting the message. We are seeing less of this obsession with keywords and are seeing more and more organic, natural content. Those of us who do not have the time to keep our sites up to date with relevant copy are always on the look out for good writers.
Creative writers are highly coveted in this challenging environment.  At the very least, we welcome guest bloggers from time to time and it really pays off. Do yourself a favor and hire these talented writers occasionally or add them to your budget next year.  They will add a flavor to your blog and to your website which will help you stand out in the crowd of competitors.


Writing natural and organic content consistently will pay off by elevating your site to new levels. If you are not adding new content by blogging enough this year, increase this effort.  It is a fact that websites with more indexed blog pages receive the best rank.
Blogging content is also needed for e-commerce companies as well.  All who visit your site should be educated as to your expertise and what benefit you offer. This website owners who blog more frequently are more likely to enjoy a positive ROI (Return On Investment).
Hurry back for more next time from the design wizards at Inside Design Orlando.
Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional


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