How blogging influences today's modern search engines

Jun 23, 2017

The value of blogging over the past decade has changed as smart technology evolved. In the beginning, there were a variety of search engines that organized information online and good blogging content began to play a major role.
The earlier ones used alphabetical order to rank information, similar to the way the Yellow Pages were configured. Today, everything has changed. The newer search engines are implementing more complicated algorithms. Search engines love organic copy and naturally written content. Blogging consistently makes all the difference. The information within this blog post will explain the changes needed today for the best SEO results.

Changes that affect SEO today:

Toward the end of the 90s, search engines added a ranking score for page popularity which included visits, and reciprocal linking. To set themselves apart from other search engines, Google was able to remove unpopular pages with high linking scores.  Instead, Google moved the best content forward and let the unpopular content fall behind.

Blogging and Using meta language properly:

Your website still needs to be programmed correctly behind the scenes. If you hire a web designer, ask them to add a title and description for all pages.  Done correctly, this will appear in the html source code. Site builders must also understand the correct use of metrics and keyword density (the number of times an individual word or phrase is used on a page). As the page content is developed, make sure it is brief and user-friendly. Less is best.

Are you writing the content and blogging yourself?

If you are writing this introductory content yourself, keep the word count to no more than 300 words. Bullets are very efficient and are easy for all to read. Any blog article or page content published must be interesting and well-written. If you are not a proficient blogger/writer and have no idea about SEO rules of the road hire a professional. If your budget does not allow for this there are plenty of blogging tutorials online.  You can become familiar with SEO methods and become a better writer, but this takes time and commitment.

Consistency brings big rewards and top SEO rank:

The blogging must be consistent over time to be successful. Otherwise, you are regarded as a company (out of business and out of touch). Once you start blogging and begin to attract traffic …. don’t stop. Search engines want you to add continual “trending news” regarding your industry or your unique expertise. If you stop adding new content the traffic will stop.

Longtail Keywords enter the scene:

Random keyword stuffing is now forbidden and will hurt SEO efforts. Instead, site owners and bloggers have come to know and use what we call “long tail keywords.” These are individual keywords used within a phrase.

Be yourself … depend upon your own writing style:

Top ranking sites today are those that understand these principals and those that publish blog articles born of original thought.  This sets the best writers apart from those simply attempting to game the system. Good blogging techniques can be the answer to improving your brand if done consistently.
Stay away from keyword stuffing and other black hat SEO techniques. Avoid “content farms.”  These are websites that sell content. This is no longer allowed.


All content added must be original and well-written. Be natural, just do you! Spend the time to get it right and research your titles and any information within the blog post that states facts, etc.
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