How the new Google Algorithm will affect web traffic

Jul 20, 2017

The factors which determine website rank and position in Google are complex. Both quality and quantity is now the basis for high search engine rank.
The new Google Algorithm focuses on how much traffic your site is already attracting, and the amount of time users spend on your site. Organic content is also factored in, and the blog posts must be longer and provide compelling reading. Content marketing has been taken to a new level.
The amount of words Google is suggesting for blog entries is now a minimum of at least 1000 words.  You can increase your rank almost immediately by posting more content and doing this consistently. Longer blog entries and relevant organic content is now the golden grail. As reported in “Site Pro News” it took less than a month for traffic to increase by 20 percent on websites publishing longer post entries.
Running a business is a full-time responsibility in itself. Since the amount of new content needed has increased, as business owners, we are finding this writing requirement to be a daunting task. Because of this, more and more of us are hiring outside writers to keep our sites populated with relevant and compelling content continuously.  One of the top bloggers in the country, Charmaine Beleele, has just published a great article about the new Google algorithm changes. Her blog entry is very informative. Take the time to stay on top of new changes. The health of your business is at stake. Search engines are looking for high quality copy, related to your company expertise. Competition is fierce and to stay ahead you must conform to the new normal. Either take the time to learn SEO methods and add new content yourself, or hire a professional to keep your brand on top.

Other SEO optimization solutions:

On-page SEO has less importance with the new Google Algorithm. However. some of you may still want to purchase ad words from Google and sign up for various ad campaigns.  But make no mistake, new content and SEO techniques combined will bring you more traffic. To be successful today, as reported by an expert marketing professional, companies should spend at least 20 percent of their time developing good content and 80 percent of their time promoting it on social media, etc.

Improving your bounce rate:

“A bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors to your site who leave the site after viewing only one page.”  You can improve your bounce rate by offering more and more relevant and interesting content people want to read.  People will stay on the page longer and stay engaged. Write organically, using your own unique personality.  Educate your viewers on what’s new in your industry and offer them a benefit whenever possible.  This can be in the form of a special savings, for example. Everyone wants to save money and it is very intoxicating to see a coupon or other  offers on your website. This is a way to make the visitor’s life better.

Linking factors for better rank:

Do your best to add as many good links as possible to your website. The amount of internal links does matter in your overall ranking. Reciprocal links are best (those that link to you and you link back to them).  Add only quality high-ranking links and avoid those that are not authority sites.  Check the website you are considering for a link and make sure the site is user-friendly and worth listing.  Avoid ugly websites, not updated and those that advertise controversial messaging. If you add low-quality links to your site, this will bring your rank down. Stay away from link farms, link exchanges, and those attempting to sell links to you.  This could bring you unwanted attention from search engines.

Understanding organic traffic:

Organic traffic patterns are created when visitors find your site through unpaid search results. This will increase your conversion rate. Other traffic may be called PPC (pay-per-click). This traffic is generated from advertisements that cost money and can be set up through Google directly. Organic search engine optimization results are best and offer the highest reward. Simply write naturally, as you would speak to people, making it compelling and engaging. Change the content on site pages as business changes.  Add new information regarding employees, services and new products available.  Use keywords within each organic phrase whenever possible.

What about duplicate content:

The new Google Algorithm is very smart.  The software can recognize any duplicate content easily.  Avoid any copy which is on another website.  If you locate information worth using, be sure to re-write the content in an organic manner yourself before publishing this content.  Word string numbers are given to all copy on the web and you can get into big trouble by copying and pasting copy belonging to someone else. Any original content still belongs to the original creator of the content.

Google updates are never-ending:

As web developers we will always feel the impact of Google Algorithm changes.  It is incumbent upon us to learn from the changes and to find opportunities for improvement. Newer websites will benefit from the new algorithm criteria we have mastered.  Older sites should be re-designed at least every two to three years to stay current with the many changes.  Learning to deal with sudden changes is necessary for all web developers. Google is no longer announcing algorithm changes.  Therefore the only way we know that change has occurred is when our traffic pattern is affected.


There are many websites dedicated to following algorithm changes online. Continuing education is always the best path forward. Google is notorious for not advertising changes in their algorithm. They are never going to share everything with us. Rule of thumb is to develop clean and relevant content and add it consistently.  Stay as organic as possible, using long-tail keywords cleverly within the pages and on post entries. Our best efforts will pay off big as we navigate this ever changing web environment.
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Jean Holland-Rose. Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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