Creative article writing decreases bounce rate for blog content

Aug 19, 2017

All of our clients have one goal in mind, and that is to increase company revenue through content marketing.  To do this, they must  promote their websites through creative articles published regularly. Today, writing creative content and social media (primarily Facebook) dominate the internet.  However, with the constant change of Google’s algorithm, continuing education is the only way to stay current and to forge ahead of the competition.
Using the suggestions in this post will help to decrease your overall bounce rate. Let’s discuss how important content marketing really is.

Understanding the changing climate of the internet:

Knowing how the internet influences our success takes commitment and a willingness to accept this constant change. As SEO professionals we do our best to keep the site owners on top of their responsibilities in promoting their sites. It is not possible for us to design and publish a great website and for the site owner to do nothing.  Once our work is done, their work is just beginning.  Those of you who are unwilling or cannot afford professional SEO services must pitch in and learn how to add creative and interesting posts on a regular basis.

Writing organic copy to attract new business:

Creative, attention grabbing headlines and compelling post content, over time, is the key to improving the website. You will not only attract new customers, but through traffic conversion, will increase company revenue. Each post article should be filled with up to date trending news copy regarding your individual expertise. Keeping paragraphs short is the best rule of thumb. This method will help you to engage a wider readership.  Short introductions and simple statements are easier to digest and entices the reader to continue reading.

Writing an unusual “hook” to engage readership:

The introduction to an article (an unusual sentence) to draw interest is sometimes referred to as the “hook.”  As you learn more about creative writing, you will become familiar with this writing technique.  The introduction should explain what the article is about, and provide a reason to continue reading the rest of the post article. Establishing this relevance and having the readers know the topic will convince them that the article is worth reading. Here are a couple of tips to use when writing the introduction:

  • Start with an interesting fact
  • Ask a great question

Address a problem to discuss:

If your target audience has a problem to solve, your article is the perfect place to address it.  Make sure the reader can relate to your story and discuss a problem they actually might experience themselves.  If you are not discussing a problem and offering a solution in the article, then it is best to avoid  using a “hook” in the first paragraph. Don’t expect the reader to want to read long-winded stories. The copy must provide the reader with relevance to their own reality. You know yourself that your time is valuable and articles you find online with little or no benefit to you are normally are overlooked.

Keeping it personal … use the term “you”

This suggestion is very powerful. Using the word “you” at least a couple of times in the copy will appeal directly to the reader.  Developing blog articles on a more personal level may make you a bit squeamish and you may be the type of person that does not want to write anything that might appear personal or too close to home. The article linked here will explain how to do this safely, without exposing your privacy.
Blog content written in a more personal way will receive a higher rank with search engine bots. Impersonal article writing may work well for newspaper articles and publishing books.  However, when you are working hard to build your brand, it is best to remain on a personal level.  This will improve your content marketing results.

Three ways to be found online by future consumers:

Customers may already know about your business due to your past reputation. Another way people find you is to have your company business referred to them through word of mouth. This method normally accounts for up to 75 percent of your business revenue. The other 25 percent can be produced through your online website.   To find you online, consumers do a search and look for relevant keywords.  If the name of your business or relevant keywords bring up an organic listing and the listing is higher than other businesses, then you are most likely going to get more click-through.  This is why it is so important to choose a great company name as well as to use great key words in your post headlines.

Use SEO and SMO to gain website relevance:

Search engine optimization as well as social media optimization are important to elevate your website results. Stay current with all of your social media accounts by keeping them up to date and full of interesting content. Search engine bots follow all links on the website.  If your social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn or other are not current, your online rank score will suffer. Further, staying on top of social media will build your online popularity to the outside world. Hiring an SEO Professional who is familiar with the constant Google algorithm changes is always a good idea if your budget allows.  Otherwise it is up to you to become a proficient blogger yourself by staying current with trending methods.

The different methods for SEO and SMO:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimizes the content on the website to build higher rank in search engines. Social Media Optimization (SMO) is all about sharing content to the outside world. SEO helps the reader to see what they are searching for online and leads them to the right information.  SMO shares content on other mediums outside the website.
Using both methods are suggested for best results. Unfortunately, online those searching for goods and services never go to page two of Google and stay with the first few results that pop up.  This is why is it imperative for you as a site owner to get in the know on how the internet uses your content.  You must promote yourself to attract a readership and to hopefully have those reaching your site to go further and use your services.

Conclusion:  Improve your brand through creative article writing:

Learn as much as you can and stay connected as SEO methods change.  All of us are searching for something and we hope that your target audience will find you quickly and efficiently.  Your success is our only goal as SEO professionals and website developers.
We spend the time with our clients to educate them on marketing methods that work.  Contact us to learn more creative writing techniques to keep your audience engaged and to decrease your article bounce rate.
Hurry back for more next time.
Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional / Inside Design Orlando


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