Orlando Website Design: Celebrating 16 years of award winning design and programming

Nov 7, 2017

Our sweet sixteen (16) anniversary is here and our team are celebrating our work over the years. We live, love and are passionate about all things design.  We are of course a bit biased but our team is some of the hardest working people you will ever meet. They are in the office at the crack of dawn, work late and make themselves available to our clients on a moment’s notice.

Design Awards and accolades:

Many of our clients have been with us for years and many of them have come back over the years to have their sites re-designed.  Our award-winning design team is talented and available for all of our clients.  Paul Rose, our CEO and head designer has just earned a new award from the Web Marketing Association. One of Paul’s designs won the 2017 Medical Standard of Excellence Award .

Strategic partner for small business programming:

Programmer, Dominick Allen is joining our team in the new year.  He has experience with WordPress programming, HTML 5 and jQuery programming methods.  He builds custom web applications using CMS software. Those looking for advanced custom programming will find that he can provide prompt and competent programming skills. He will be available to our small business clients.

Large business design and programming:

Our strategic partner, Stephan Barrett from RISE has a large staff of designers and programmers.  They are able to take on large projects, and complicated custom programming platforms. They specialize in Drupal applications, and offer our clients flexible support for both Drupal and LAMP stack server requests.  They have designed and maintain some of the top sites in Central Florida such as Hart and Huntington, Equity Pro and the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida.

Celebrating our sweet sixteen anniversary:

Our sixteenth year began with accepting many new small business clients to our design family.  Over the past few months we launched Butler Music, Events by Jaclyn, Traditions TLC, and Dentistry at Lake Nona.  The new site for the Florida Association of Veterans Specialists will be ready by the end of the month. Their new site is updated and user-friendly for their many mobile users.  Integrity Medical and ProCare Health Solutions will be published this month as well.

What clients are looking for in the new year:

Clients calling us for new design and programming this year will be focused on more movement based interface projects (visual elements allowing client interaction).  This would normally apply to gaming sites.  However, some developers are using parts of this method for new design as well.

Larger typography, video and visuals:

This year we will be using larger fonts and bolder typography which is our new normal. This method will display the company in a bold fashion. Larger and more prominent font choices will also get the information quickly to customers, offering a compelling image of the company brand.  Using video and telling stories using great visuals is now a must for all new projects. New site will now be developed to be very visual and stimulating to those looking for goods and services.
Design features are always changing and no methods stay for long. Our developers must stay current with trends as they come along and stop using the methods outdated.  For sure, our clients will keep us on our toes and ask us for the new bells and whistles.  Those developers who use the same methods over and over again with no new techniques are quickly discounted as top designers.

Adding Social Media:

Many clients are asking us lately about how to use their Facebook and other social media sites to advertise online.  Our latest method is to sync the “Company Facebook” page to the actual website.  It the client blogs consistently on a regular schedule, this can help to improve their search engine optimization.  Personal social media accounts should not be a part of a company’s marketing plan.  Social media sites linked to websites should be only company pages.
Instagram accounts are useful to show off picture which relate to the company business.  The programmer can add the Instagram account to the website and you can log into the Instagram and post pictures which will automatically be published to your site.  This is a great tool used by many clients who need to add images regularly.


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