How compelling SEO content will increase website visibility

Nov 14, 2017

Blogging, using compelling SEO content daily, weekly, or monthly will add new synergy to your website.  The content you add should be relevant and match Google search queries. If this is done, your website will enjoy a new bounce of visibility you have never experienced before.
Spend time improving your creative writing skills, and stay current with any new SEO rules. Write copy for both those that find you through a search query and also for the search engine bots that visit your site. In other words, your content must be written in an organic manner to attract humans as well as search engines. With time, your site will be known as an authority website.  This is a website known for constantly publishing content worth reading.

Become a marketing machine using long tail keywords:

Most visitors to your site are there after they have done a Google search. Keyword queries using matching content is the most common search. This is known as a specific keyword search. This search consists of several keywords. Using more than one keyword to search for goods and services is known as using “Long Tail Keywords.”  The definition of a long tail keyword is a phrase that has keywords within the phrase.
We always teach our bloggers to use long tail keywords as they develop their blog articles. Once in a while is it also a good idea to re-write and change the website page content to keep the site fresh. This ongoing trend for using long tail key word strategy, along with adding relevant content to your website pages will expand your SEO Marketing results.  The content you have developed using this SEO strategy will now be shared on LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Types of typical online searches by customers:

  • Navigational searches
  • Anchor searches
  • Keyword specific searches
  • Educational searches
  • Reputation searches

Why great feedback and your good reputation will bring customers your way:

Most customers will read company “reviews” to determine if your company can be trusted. Discerning customers always do this prior to making an online purchase. Client reviews also called “testimonials” is crucial for any business to succeed. We encourage all businesses to search out and be aware of any negative reviews and address those immediately. Making sure that all feedback is positive will go a long way in convincing customers they can feel secure in ordering online.

How the latest news and trends may affect business:

Any industry news regarding your specific business trending online,will affect you.  Good news is always great, but bad news can quickly bring any business to a halt. For an example if you are selling an item which is being reported about in a negative way, most online customers will shy away and find another option for online purchases. It will benefit you to be aware of any blog posts, press releases or any online video which could negatively affect your brand.  Being able to counter this by doing your own research and reporting can be a huge help to overcome this negative publicity.
Use search tools such as to monitor any trending news that could affect your unique brand.  Stay alert to protect your reputation and your company good name.

The SEO advantage of link building:

It cannot be said enough that the more great links you have on your site, the higher your SEO rank will climb.  We find that many clients add links indiscriminately and never consider the link quality, or even if the link is related to their specific genre. Each and every link should be well thought out and added only on that basis alone. Reciprocal links are best . Reciprocal links occur is when the link vendor reciprocates and adds a link back to their site as well.  This is referred to as a “link exchange.” Simple educational links alone will not help your website or your brand.
The rule to follow when you add links to the website is to add only those links that pertain to you and your target audience. Links that have no relevance to your product or service will not help your SEO rank and may cause damage instead.  Stick to high-quality appropriate links.
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