The wow factor for search engines … what's news?

Feb 4, 2018

It is that time of year when we can take new opportunities to give Google what it is looking for.  The “wow” factor for search engines has not changed.  Content is king!  Not just any content however,  Search engines bots are looking for organic content based upon trending news.  The new content must be quality copy created after in-depth research on the topic of interest. It takes time to do this research but it is worth the effort.
Many of our clients are still trying to add content on their own without the advantage of having a blogging professional. This does require time devoted to this all important effort. All of us lead busy lives and it is hard to carve out this time needed to stay current with today’s news.  If you are not on board with this, then you will have to consider outside help.  It is not ok to just ignore the need to add new content regularly to your website. Those “in the know” recognize that blogging outranks social networks for consumer influence.
Blogging will provide you with the highest return on investment by far when compared to other forms of online advertising.  An active blog on your website lets Google know you are a player and in the game to be recognized. News is made almost everyday on any subject your can think of.  The main thing to remember while you are blogging is to write for people, not for search engines.
Building your brand is not an overnight project.  It is an ongoing effort and each new blog post adds another chance for you to be found through an online search.   Keep it “real.” This can be free advertising for your company as long as you remember to keep it “real.”  In other words report on news happening right now. An example might be the news reported below:

Today’s top SEO news and views:

The Google Tag Manager can be used in conjunction with Google Analytics to collect data.  This method allows you to easily update tags on your website.  This can help you to reduce errors and optimize all pages of your site.  This will save the cost of hiring a webmaster or programmer to make these changes.  As new bells and whistles are introduced we should all take advantage of these new tools.  Becoming as independent as possible is always better than depending upon someone else to improve your site functionality.

Advantages of working with current clients:

One of the great advantages that our team enjoys is to stay connected to our clients and hearing how their sites are doing online.  Once a website is published, we then continue to follow our new client as they begin their journey online.  We are the first to hear about it, should they be disappointed with their traffic flow.  They are not shy about calling us and asking what else could they do to get more visibility.  We are constantly changing and making websites updated with new smart technology.  Working with our clients “after the launch” of their websites is crucial in developing our working relationship.  It gives us credibility and the opportunity to re-design their next site should they be happy with the results they are receiving.
We take it seriously when a client is concerned about anything related to their site. Encouraging them to stay relevant and to post news about their specific expertise keeps their sites engaged and valuable to search engines.  The real “wow” factor to search engine bots happens when a website adds organic, and interesting content consistently.  This will elevate our websites to the rank of “authority.”

Converting visitors to “buyers” and becoming an authority website:

The amount of visitors to your site that are converted to actual buyers is known as the “site conversion rate.”  As you build your brand, you will also be building trust in your product or service. In turn you will eventually be known as an “authority website.”  Your site conversion rate should grow as you promote your site.

The “wow” factor for search engines … trending news articles:

The “wow” factor for for search engines is the amount of valuable content available on your site. The more organic content available, the more valuable your site will become and the more people will find you in an online search. The latest news and views which is trending is the best content to add. If you are patient, in time, you will be building what we call an “authority website.”  An online search brings up the top sites who have the most current content.  You must be one of those sites to get noticed.
Thanks for stopping by.  Hire a professional blogger this year to get the best out of your article marketing. Research online to find great content writers and compare their costs.  Adding this cost to your yearly budget will be beneficial as we move into the new year.  2018 is full of competition and new websites being published daily.
Stay connected to us for all things design and SEO.  We do offer SEO classes and are available to critique your current site, offering suggestions for improvement.  Call us anytime. Stay ahead of the competition by following SEO guidelines and continually educating yourself on new methods available.
Happy Sweet Valentine’s Day ahead.
Jean Holland-Rose
SEO Professional


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