How important are press releases to improve website SEO?

Feb 20, 2018

Recent news and views about your specific industry is the life of your website.  Without this you will get no traffic and Google and top search engines consider you “out of business,”  This blog post is to discuss the importance of Press Releases. They can be of help to get your message out.  A press release may provide important keywords and add valuable links for your readership and media.  On the contrary, don’t depend too much on only press releases for SEO.  Adding great content regularly through article marketing is still the best way to stay ahead of the competition.

The difference between blog articles and press releases:

To stay in their good graces you must post blog articles regularly which are normally 1,000 words or more on formal topics which your target audience would find interesting. A press release however, is usually an announcements about special happenings within your company.  These special announcements are called ‘press releases’.

What would we consider a press release:

Our company announces any new employees, or any recent accolades such as when Paul won the 2018 Web Award for Excellence in Medical Web Design. We are also scheduled to speak to the student’s association for a college in our area regarding web design.  These are all events which would classify as “press releases.”  The real goal is to use press releases (news about your company) to influence Google to increase the website SEO rank.  You can announce news regarding some of the following events which most likely happen at least once a year at your facility.

  • Trade shows
  • Personnel changes
  • New partnership announcements
  • Industry awards or milestones

Here are a few tips to writing a successful press release:
First, identify the press release topic by coming up with a pithy, exciting headline. The press release can be created to introduce a new product line, new technology or any other happening which you deem important to release to the worldwide web. Press releases can announce anything you feel would be important to your target audience or those looking for your goods or services. Stick to the headline closely and connect the keywords within the content with the main message.  Fill the copy with informative long-tail keywords  (phrases which can be used by the search engines to identify who you are and just what you are about.  Concentrate on using phrases within the press release which are “searchable.”
Include at least one image within the press release and be sure to add an “alt” tag to the image for additional points with search engines.  In other words optimize your press release when you have any opportunity to do so.

Add the most current press release to your home page:

Running the most current press release on your home page is a great SEO (search engine optimization) tool.  This will provide quick, news and views to all who visit the site. Press releases are great tools to use to attract Google.  Assign someone in the office to report on any news and views which would warrant the classification as a press release.

The new Penguin Update and how it affects inbound links:

Before the update to Google it was easy to us Press Releases to optimize your inbound links.  You could simply create a press release which would link back to your website connected to the main subject (your headline). But once Google got wind of this and didn’t approve of this method, they added the “no-follow” programming item which stopped this practice. Even though this has occurred, Google still may reward sites that use press releases.  This may be because Google has very few links to choose from among competitive sites.  This by itself may explain why press releases still improve the SEO rank for websites.  So, Google seems to be forced to choose between only a few great sites to rank highly for a search query.
Expert’s explanation:  Google might publicly say one thing, but the reality might be something altogether different and this includes the value of “no-follow” links.
Conclusion:  Publishing quality press releases has fast become the method marketing companies are using to promote the site and improve website SEO.  When used correctly, a press release can become an effective tool for your marketing strategy. The press release is yet another tool in your toolbox of search engine optimization solutions for 2018.

OWD News: New websites launched this month:

A heartfelt thanks to our new clients who have chosen us this past month to develop a first site, and to re-design existing sites: Enjoy browsing our great new designs, just published.  Here they are:
APFLCPA (Accounting)
Principal Law Firm
Kids Overnizer luggage
G Clef Productions
We have had a great start to the new year and have welcomed 10 new clients to our roster of websites.  Our team is working hard on all projects and we vow to get all sites done on budget and on time. Our clients expect us to deliver the best for them and are trusting us with their future.  We are committed to bring the best to the web with each new project.
Stay tuned for the new websites to be launched throughout the month of March and April.  Hurry back for more next time and please enjoy our small business “quote for the month.”
“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” Benjamin Franklin
by The Design Wizards at Inside Design Orlando


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