Facebook announces algorithm change which affects all website businesses

Mar 27, 2018

Last month Facebook announced they would be changing their algorithm to focus more on “personal connections.”  This going to affect conversion rate, and ROI (Return On Investment). Some businesses were able to hit the organic listings before, without paying for any ads at all.   Facebook is claiming that the new Facebook algorithm will look out for the business owner’s best interests.

Investing in more paid advertisements:

To stay competitive today, it is going to be necessary for business owners to contribute more of their budget to Facebook ads. Moving forward, we will begin to see better quality ads and the quality of the content will reach a new level. Company budgets this year will need to increase to reflect this new expense.  The good news is that these ad campaigns on Facebook should bring a good return on the money spent.

Changes to the news feed:

Facebook has noticed over the past year the huge amount of time folks are spending on social network sites. This new normal has made Facebook investors get serious about what news and other content should appear in the organic Facebook listings. Recently, Facebook has made changes in the news feed.  They will also no longer show low-quality viral videos. Instead they will increase the posts that show from trustworthy news sources as well as from family and friends for a better overall web experience.

Low quality ads were rampant on Facebook:

In previous years we know you have all seen at one time or another, low quality ads on Facebook. These Facebook ads strongly encouraged us to “click” on them.  They would provide only a snippet of the information such as “you will be ill if you are eating this.”  And we all know we would probably click to read what it was all about. These ads were called “click back ads.”  Facebook is savvy and has seen this attempt to fool the publisher and offer low quality goods and services. They are now able to identify headlines which are not legitimate.  Be careful because many of these ads are not legitimate.  Do your research before reacting to them.
These ads are now discounted by Facebook and they are listed lower in the Facebook news feed. The owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has made it a priority to work on getting rid of these low quality ads altogether in the near future.

Diversifying the ad campaigns on Facebook:

Those publishers (business owners online) that diversify their type of media presented will get a higher rank in the Facebook hierarchy. The new algorithm will now motivate the user to get involved in a more direct way with the readership. Publishers will now engage with the readers through newsletters, podcasts and other media formats. Zuckerberg has promised that users will see higher quality content but will not lose the news content.  However, the news will now be more local news which will be legitimate and educational as well.

Continue to reach buyers on Facebook:

We can’t know all of the secrets from Facebook, but here is what we do know. All business sites should continue to post engaging and interesting content to continue the interaction with buyers.  Brands should be focused on starting conversations, sharing and telling your story.  Try asking questions within the content and ask for opinions.
A new method which we are using for our own clients to gain favor with search engines, is to sync the client’s blog posts with their company Facebook pages.  This allows them to share content on two mediums, the website and the Facebook account.  Encourage viewers to follow your Facebook page and to stay connected for news as it relates to your specific industry.
Continue to add content to Facebook that is worth reading.  Educate your viewers and you can’t go wrong.  None of us have unlimited time so the more savvy we become on adding information that will benefit the reader the more we will be successful.  Nothing comes easy and it takes time to build a brand and to build a readership.  Stay tuned to Inside Design Orlando as we offer more insights on news and views about SEO, design and programming.


Facebook’s News Feed changes and the new Facebook algorithm change will hold everyone to a higher standard of excellence.  The quality of Facebook Ads will improve and the media will grow closer to those they are engaging in a relevant way.  Live it …Learn it … Love it.
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