Animation, bold color and new methods for web design

Apr 5, 2018

This year, animation will be playing a huge role in website design. Animation is a top choice for new and older brands when it comes to storytelling. This is an updated and exciting way to connect with users. To capture users attention, animation can be used to show the strength of a brand.  Whether the brand is old or new to the web, animation, such as an animated logo can bring a dynamic twist to the company personality.

The GIF returns to web design:

The GIF image format is once again being used for design space.   One primary reason for this is that almost all platforms can read GIF formats.  Animated GIFs are very popular with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc..  It is also used as a fun email signature logo.

Animation popularity with designers:

Up to now, animation has been left to more sophisticated software designers.  It required more in-depth training.  Now, non-animators have access to simplified took giving them more freedom to develop their own animations. Since more intricate tools are available to all designers, we expect to see animation play a larger role this year in overall look and feel for professional web design. Animation is also very compatible with mobile design.

Data visualization tells a story:

In 2017, along with introducing new bold vibrant colors and animation across all platforms, we are recognizing that animation is the best way to tell a story.  End users welcome this new visual treatment. It is also effective for social media, being very effective in conveying information.  We expect to see more animation this year as more and more designers come on board as this bold, new method gains steam. Along with bold color choices, the year we are seeing more double exposures, photo saturation and a variety of gradients being used by professional designers.

Vibrant, bold color delights users:

It is so nice this year to see the great new bold colors being use for web design.  This is a breath of spring for your visitors.  Since color surrounds us day in and day out, it makes perfect sense that we should use this in web design. It helps any brand stand out in the crowd and offers visual stimulation to affect our senses.  It is noted this year that over 85 percent of all shoppers mention that color was a primary reason they bought a specific product. Brand awareness also is increased with color and it seems to increase consumer trust and confidence
Capturing the user’s attention is the name of the game. You want to share your story in a concise and interesting way. You want the audience to stay on the site long enough to take advantage of what you are providing, either a product or a service. Using animation and bold colors correctly can accomplish this goal. Color is your silent sales person, in other words, your partner for success.
Here are a few methods which you will see this year in web design:

  • Geometric shapes
  • Interesting background patterns
  • Saturated Gradient
  • Bold typography
  • Both horizontal and vertical text
  • Video animation
  • New logo methods
  • Sticky menus (for user friendliness)
  • Social share buttons
  • Larger images

Experimental animation and video:

This year along with scroll-triggered animations, designers will be using video in other forms.  Cinema graphs, and animated thumbnail images may be seen in some designs. We are seeing flat design replaced with drop shadows and gradients once more.  Many media sites are changing to video.  However it is still a bit controversial for some professional.  Animation is still rarely used for e-commerce because it may be seen as a distraction.  The use of video is determined by the type of project the designer is working on.
Design trends this year still are subject to the tastes of the clients. Easy to read, “serif fonts” are being chosen by many professional business sites, and the sticky navigation menu is very popular. The parallax methods from last year are being used less due to load times.  Fashion changes and so do design trends. Contact us for your new design this year.
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Jean Holland-Rose, SEO Professional


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