Web design trends in 2018: videos, vibrant colors, new typography, great visuals

Apr 22, 2018

In the past few years, web design has followed a minimalistic design sense featuring monochromatic color palettes. The monochromatic color scheme is based on variations of one particular color. Using this color palette brought us clean and elegant design projects. The colors go well together, producing a soothing effect. This scheme is very pleasant for the eyes.  In 2017, many companies were choosing this design for their website projects.  Simple, clean black and white concepts were also chosen for a clean and pleasing website display.
Today, the opposite is becoming the norm.  In other words, bright colors are back for 2018 web designs, along with large and impressive visual presentations.  Our palettes are hungry for more colorful visuals for the new year,.  It goes without saying, that great images offer a more exciting web experience.

Ideas to set ourselves apart from the competition:

Designers are realizing that using vibrant colors and displaying great visual imagery is the way to keep visitors engaged by appealing to their senses. Neutral backgrounds are disappearing and being replaced by designs that showcase bright colorful hues.  Backgrounds that really pop are those that are full of colors such as yellows, reds and other savvy choices.  Spruce up your brand with a new landing page which speaks with color and vision. Your brand deserves to stand out among the top contenders.  Using bold color schemes will point the way to your amazing content.

Using videos today for smart marketing strategy:

Marketing professionals consider video content to be the major element which will improve ROI (Return On Investment.)  This sounds reasonable since most of us recognize that a moving visual is an exciting visual. Additionally, adding a well-developed and exciting video presentation to your website will also help to increase SEO and improve your online footprint.  In fact, recently, it has been reported, that over 81 percent of businesses are using videos as a large part of their marketing strategy.
From the time we were children we were fascinated with moving pictures. Whether it was cartoons or news we loves the guilty pleasure of just sitting around and enjoying the visual presentations.  Likewise, as company owners we must recognize the power of visuals. Larger companies with larger budgets are having video presentations done, along with visual applications to enhance their brand awareness. Smaller business is slowly but surely seeing the value of animation and visual imagery.  However, if videos are too expensive for your budget, you might consider using animated Gifs which are less expensive and another tool to add to your arsenal. They are popular online and are more likely to be retweeted on Twitter than messages with photos only.

Marketing strategy for website development:

Tools of the design trade today start with good planning.  Other elements which play a large role in site building includes offline integration, search engine optimization, conversion analysis, and learning how to use social media to drive traffic.

Using a new font will breath new life into any new design:

Using the correct font today is as crucial as choosing the right color palette. Delivering your brand this year might mean selecting a brand new typography. Different font choices affects people differently. For instance, If you are going for a professional business approach, you might want to choose a classic serif font.  On the other hand if you want a dramatic feeling and more modern appeal, you might try using a sans-serif font choice.The typography you choose is not a one size fits all technique.  Branding consistency should follow a custom look and feel from the business card to the website.  Font choice is very important and much thought should go into this choice based upon your business model and the type of message you are sending.
Conclusion:  Embrace the power of color, typography, video and animation. This will certainly improve your online success.

Tips to consider for more successful designs this year :

  • Try using bold and exciting color for design
  • Add more appealing visuals to improve viewer experience
  • Choose a new font to get a better reaction from viewers
  • Add video to your website to improve your brand popularity
  • Consider using GIFs to drive more traffic from social media

New website clients joining our family:

Welcome to new website clients trusting the design wizards this spring to deliver to them, their new look for the year ahead.  Orlando Psychology Associates, Sunday Mgmt. Group, Riverpark Apartments and Abisco Corporation are some of the projects currently in progress.
Our goal is to spend time with each new client, above and beyond the development of their website.  We provide a training session for each new client.  This session introduces them to the requirements of search engines and helps them be more aware of the web environment.  Becoming as independent as possible and having a greater understanding of how the web works benefits all clients.  Contact the design wizards to find out how a new design might be just the ticket to improve your brand this year.
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