Guest bloggers offer top benefits for business websites

May 15, 2018

Guest BloggerA guest blogger is a professional writer who can be hired to provide original articles related to your expertise. Hiring a guest blogger will expose your audience to a new perspective and is a popular method to generate new website traffic. Your guest blogger will add their own special personality and flair for article marketing. This is a breath of fresh air to al of us who write regularly. All of us can use a bit of help now and then. When choosing a guest blogger to write for you it is very important to make sure they provide only “high quality” articles to be published. The subject matter must be free from grammatical errors and any typos. They should also include quality links to outside sources which bring more information to the topic of discussion.

Finding competent Guest Bloggers:

It has been our experience that we are contacted regularly by these bloggers.  I prefer to use the professionals we know and trust to add new blog articles.  You can research the web to find competent professionals. You may also call our office at 407-405-4877 and we can provide a list of people we refer.  Guest blogging is always a plus because it gives your readership an opportunity to share, like, comment or link to other similar content.
You will then stand out to Google as a site providing content which is interesting to others.

Building an authority website:

Guest blogging will help the most if the blogger remains organic in their presentation.  The Google algorithm doesn’t know the difference between dynamic organic content and spam.  Therefore those that attempt to game the system may get a higher ranking in the beginning, but fail to gain new traffic.  To gain new traffic, the content must be worthy of reading and offer a benefit to your readership.  Only in this way can your establish yourself as an authority website.

Bloggers asking to blog for a reciprocal link?

There are those bloggers out there who would ask to provide a blog article as long as you put a link on your site to their own site.  This is referred to as reciprocal linking. This is done with the purpose of using site owners in order to build a bunch of links on the blogger’s own website.  The goal is to increase their own search engine optimization, and building their own link-building. If your site is highly ranked, you could become a target for these unscrupulous bloggers.  If you are looking to save time and you’re just looking for some fresh content, it may be better to find your own guest blogger..
Right now there are plenty of scammers online, so make sure the blogger you choose to post articles on your business website comes from a good background.  The article they write must also agree with your own personal philosophy to work best on your website.  Take a look at what they have written for other business sites.  They should be able to offer you testimonials from website owners they have blogged for in the past.

Profesional BloggerPromoting your Guest blog on social media:

Another method to advertise your site “guest blog” content is to display it on your social media platforms. We offer a service to program websites which will automatically post the most current blog article to Facebook.  This is another great way to stay in front of your target audience.  If you have Google Analytics on your website, this effort will show in the statistics.  Using a Guest Blogger occasionally will boost your site rank.

Guest blogging goals:

  • Establish your business website as a thought leader in your industry
  • Introduce your target audience to a new writing perspective
  • Develop new relationships with other business sites
  • Helps to build link backs to other valuable sites
  • Save the site owner precious time to do other important things

Black hat techniques to avoid when hiring a Guest Blogger:

Google is very against hiring a guest blogger only to improve SEO.  Google is looking for crisp, organic content to offer educational benefits to readers.  Hiring a guest blogger should be done to improve the quality of your blog content, not just to attract new traffic.  Google has taken action against spam content which is indiscriminately posted across irrelevant platforms to game the search engines. Never allow bloggers from lesser sites than your own to use your site to advertise their own content. Find, instead, a website with a dedicated and quality audience.
This is the type of site which will bring value to your own site. Look at the quality of the website, the type of content and how relevant it is to your own niche and make the decision based upon this criteria. Stay away from sites that do not post consistently.  Look for websites you would be proud to be listed on.

News around the office (Inside Design Orlando)

Congratulations to the professionals at Orlando Psychology Associates and Palm State Mortgage.  Your new sites turned out great and should serve you well throughout the coming years.  Keep in touch to add more bells and whistles as they become part of our smart technology today.
We thank you for stopping by and hope you will be back for more next time.
Have a great spring ahead.
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer


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