Design trends and website improvements clients deserve in 2018

Jun 14, 2018

New design techniquesThis year, as website owners look to re-design their current sites, they will be asking for improvements and expecting the latest design trends and content strategies. As designers, we are always learning new ways to use smart technology. This method will keep our clients competitive with their peers and build trust between us. Our reputation is key to our ongoing success in this business.  A happy client is one that will use us in the future and refer us to others.
When a visitor finds your site it means they have located you based upon search terms they have used in a Google search. Once they arrive on your landing page, your message must clearly communicate to your audience, what you do, how you do it, a list of products and services, and what benefit you offer.  This is referred to as “user experience.” There are many websites out there that are full of flowery language that has nothing at all to do with a product or service.

Visitors look for fast loading sites with concise messaging:

Users today are expecting to determine within five (5) seconds of landing on your website, what your company does?  They want information quickly and efficiently.  If not there could be a problem. Bulleted lists are best and content should not exceed 300 words. Good content strategy will keep your visitor’s attention longer and they will browse the site and consider all that you have to offer.

Bounce rate definition and how it affects website traffic:

The word “bounce rate” refers to a term used to measure the traffic quality of your visitors and how long they remain on the page. If your site has a “high bounce rate” it would indicate that folks are not finding information which is relevant to them. This is not what you want.  A “lower bounce rate” is better.  This means the website is better optimized and provides a clear company message. Optimizing your site’s content will insure that you will keep your visitor’s interest.  This is also an opportunity to convert them into buyers.

Lowering your bounce rate, converting users into buyers:

Some clients use the entire home page, blowing their own horn rather than explaining their company product or service. The user is not on your site to read how wonderful you are. Instead they are there to address their core concerns, such as what product or service you provide and how it could benefit them.  Stick with a clear message  about your expertise and what is available.
Go further by offering a benefit they can gain by using your service. This will lower your bounce rate, bring more traffic your way and turn the user into a buyer. Hiring a content writer is a great choice for those website owners who are not great at writing organic content.  The site messaging is crucial and optimizing this content will improve your chances for online success.

Design changes coming your way this year:

  • New split-page designs
  • More bold colors and bright gradients
  • Creative backgrounds using patterns
  • Retro-modern graphics and illustrations
  • Better images combined with messaging

New website color techniquesLook for sleek and modern vector images used in graphic presentations. The page layout will be combined with messaging to compliment the images chosen. Custom animations, bold typography and vibrant hues will greet visitors.  The new techniques will lead to more of a retro-feel for new design projects. Designers this year will use the new technique known as a “split-page design, to experiment with color combinations and offer a more updated look and feel to the website.
Outside agencies are quickly becoming involved with the newer methods needed. Some companies are hiring both a site designer and outside graphic artist to develop website presentations. We use strategic partners locally when custom graphics are needed.  Partnering with outside professionals offers our clients more design solutions.
At the end of the day the satisfied client is what we strive for.  If our team can provide everything they need that is great. But our policy allows us to use other professionals whom we refer to as strategic design partners, to make sure our clients get everything they deserve.  Today’s online marketplace is very competitive and newer website designs, using updated technology always are preferred over the outdated sites of yesterday.

New technology does affect your online credibility:

We have learned that over seventy five percent of all internet users today definitely judge your credibility based upon how appealing your website looks. Bad web design can quickly remove your changes for online success  It is no longer optional that you have a great looking site.  Today it is crucial to your bottom line as a business. Savvy businesses are asking for all of the new bells and whistles, no matter how sophisticated or how costly.  They understand that these new methods in design will attract their audience and increase their bottom line. We are using more and more rich colors and duo-tones as well. These new methods will only grow stronger in the coming year.
Thanks for stopping by.  Hurry back for more from the design wizards at Inside Design Orlando.  Contact us for your next re-design project.  We look forward to meeting you.

Happy Father’s Day … everyone!

“You don’t have to deserve your mother’s love. You have to deserve your father’s”
 by Robert Frost


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