Is your domain name a factor for your website success in 2018?

Jun 24, 2018

Most SEO experts agree that the primary domain name does play a part in your website success (over time). The jury has been out on this for a long time.  Recently, we have all seen how Google does give preferential treatment for active domains which feature keywords related to your specific expertise. Therefore, it is a wise decision to choose a domain that has a few keywords in the domain  name.

Determining the worth of a domain name:

The domain name extension is important. The most valuable domains have an extension of .com, .org, .net and .biz.  The newer extensions should be avoided if possible.  The older a domain name is, the closer it is to a brand name may determine value.  Domain names based upon existing SEO, current content and age will always do best.

Buying up domain names and parking them (to use later)

In the past it had become a habit to purchase various domain names to sell to others or for the sole purpose of having them. There is no value in this practice.  In fact, the ones purchased 10 years ago and the one purchased today have exactly the same value which is “none.”  They have no value until they are attached to an actual website and are indexed. In other words, the “main” domain name” which is called the primary domain is the only one with any value.  It is perfectly ok to use a few others to point to the website but they have no significance in adding SEO rank to the site.
Avoid those advertisers selling domains.  This practice is now among those that are not suggested by Google and top search engines. It is possible that you could get scammed by these unscrupulous individuals selling domains so beware …

Active and Indexed domains have highest value:

The value is placed on a “main” domain that is active, indexed and connected to a website.  One of the most popular questions we are asked is whether or not to purchase various domains when we start a site design.  The answer to this question is as follows: You might start by choosing a domain name with a couple of key words which might be used in a search string. We also suggest the client might consider choosing another domain name as close as possible to the company name. Again, there is no value in purchasing a plethora of domain names, when Google uses only the “primary” domain name for ranking purposes.

How about purchasing many domains with different key words?

Most clients feel they can purchase many various domain names with keywords representing different services to increase leads. They feel this will attract customers looking for that specific service in a Google search.  This method will not work.  The best way to advertise additional services is to have the blogger feature these individual services in a blog article. And further they can add informative ‘in-bound” links to improve search results.  As web developers, we can also assist with this by placing key words and phrases within the html source code of your website.

Our conclusion about domain name purchase:

So the facts are in and we know now that the domain you choose will help your SEO rank and this value will increase with age.  Other factors that help you in your website success is to develop a great reputation and to add  good quality in-bound links to your site. Further, the age of the domain plays a significant part in determining a higher rank in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).  It is also noted that the longer the domain has been registered and active, the higher value Google places on the domain name.
That being said, the vast majority of domain names have little value.They can be registered for as little as $5.00 and as long as you renew them on time there is no other maintenance. Many web hosts offer free domain names with their hosting packages. But on the other hand, a domain name can be worth thousands if it is is associated with brand recognition or if the buyer uses clever keywords for marketing reasons.

Blog articles versus domain name:

We know now that blogs are becoming more and more influential.   They rank higher than any domain name so bloggers use key words in their organic content. This method will bring success much faster than purchasing a domain name with the keywords in the domain.
This is because bloggers write organically and are trusted by those searching for goods online:  Consumers consider bloggers to be honest and sincere when they offer reviews of products and services. These content writers also provide an additional benefit to those reading their articles. They provide both the positive and the negative views of the product or service.  Blog content is trusted as a good source for information.  Trust leads to action and this is how consumers buy online.
If you have questions or concerns about choosing the perfect domain name our team will help.  Contact us and we’ll help with your research. We are more than web developers.
We are here to assist in building your online presence from start to finish.  Brands can be re-born with the right choices.  Trust us  to help you along this journey.  Hurry back for more next time from the Design Wizards at “Inside Design Orlando.”
Our quote for the day:
If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”
— Jim Rohn


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