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Jul 1, 2018

It takes more than a beautiful website to sell your products online. Although our discerning clients appreciate beauty and function, their highest priority is to have a functioning site that drives traffic and sales their way for real results. To be successful in this business, we must identify what content works best to attract visitors.  Since the Google algorithm changes all the time, our SEO experts (content managers) must stay ahead of the curve and keep ever vigilant with Google’s changing trends. These experts sign up for continuing education courses each year to acquire new skills and to offer our customers the best that is available.
Our responsibility as web designers is to make sure the website is complete when we turn it over to the client. There are various ways for the client to promote their site. Our team agrees that the best way is to hire a professional SEO individual or to locate reliable advertising solutions through Google or other major search engines.

Brand awareness and product presentation:

It is now time to grasp the importance of brand awareness and how product presentation affects success of your website.  The company brand, which includes the logo and all other mechanicals used currently at your office must be considered as the website is being formulated.  Brand identity items include any company business cards, brochures or handouts given to customers. This branding should be represented on the website and should shine as visitors stop by. Client feedback and testimonials are a great way to promote your brand . Including these on your website is a must.

The typography and the color palette:

The fonts you choose to use on the site should blend well with the branding pieces such as the company logo. The typography and the color choices should reflect favorably to all identity items.  Lately, serif fonts have been making a comeback as a popular choice for the newer websites.  They are easy to read and are sleek and professional looking.  If the company does not have a logo or other identifying pieces, then our graphic artist will become involved and develop these items.  We always suggest that you have the logo developed “before” we start work on a new site.  This is because the logo defines the color palette for the site concept and layout.
The brighter colors of the brand should stand out to keep the webpage from appearing too dull.  The audience could lose interest if the color or the site typography is out of style or outdated.  The product theme should dictate the type of design used for the website. The finished design should stand out in a crowd by using great colors, content and other user-friendly methods. Following these rules will help to develop trust with your viewing audience.

What about the amount of content?

Many of our clients (when asked to provide page content) send us a huge amount of copy.  This is not what we want today.  Modern websites today feature less, not more content. The less content that shows on your page means that more attention is paid to the content you publish.  Better websites are less cluttered and more precise in their messaging.

Animation and illustration graphics:

Animations and illustrations are often used on today’s websites.  However, even though these may offer easy explanations and direct the viewer through the site, you do need to be aware of the age group of those who will be looking at these.

Promoting ourselves online  and becoming a brand leader:

To remain successful online, and to become the brand leader we all admire, we must all act as  the social animals we are, and stay connected and in the know about everything SEO.  We learn more each day about the new trends and lifestyle choices of our target audiences. There are various social media platforms which allows you to run campaigns of all types. If you prefer to go it alone, it is always safe to go directly to Google and look for the latest advertising solutions which you can sign up for.
Most of the business owners we meet,  have no time to perform even small maintenance tasks on their site.  They depend upon our team for residual programming and other website changes. Further, contrary to popular belief, blogging is not a secretarial task and should not be attempted by a person unfamiliar with the Google algorithm rules. A competent blogger is a sure way to promote yourself online and to keep your content fresh and new. They will work on your behalf to publish new product information in “real time.”  Everyone that visits your site will see that you know plenty about your own field of expertise. Become an “authority leader in your field.”

Conclusion: The big picture

Website success is achieved through great design methods and with the right company message. You all deserve a beautiful and functional website, but at the same time your brand awareness deserves a great message.  We have a few experienced content writers we refer.   If your marketing strategy is sound … it will serve you well. Do you need just the design or do you need a new message as well as a new design. We can do it all so please contact us and “let’s talk.”

News around the office:

Congratulations are in order for Orlando Gastroenterology Consultants of Central Florida.
Happy July 4th holiday to all of our visitors and friends.

Staff:  Inside Design Orlando


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