Innovative Ideas defining web design in 2018

Jul 9, 2018

As web developers we are always looking for more creative and engaging layouts.   In the past we have normally chosen the basic grid layout for web design.  This is a layout with a specific number of rows and columns.

Broken Grid Layouts

Lately, our guys have been using what we call a “broken grid layout”  This layout allows text and images to cross over one another within the rows and column of the grid. As the elements converge, they cause an unusual yet quite unique layout look and feel.

Using an illustration versus a photograph:

We all love illustrations and they can take the place of posed photography in many areas of the layout. Adding a photograph of a human to the website page most normally represents a specific user. However, when the developer chooses to use (instead of a photograph) an illustration, this leaves race and gender undefined.  It is a method allowing inclusion for all.

Hiring professional illustrators:

More and more clients are now hiring illustrators for logo and company product design.  These illustrations quickly become a part of the company’s branding experience and in 2018, talented illustrators are now in high demand. The right graphic illustration can add a unique element to any bland concept very nicely.

Look for more shapes (organic presentations)

Today, primary elements are showing off more organic shapes, with bold colors moving away from the usual 90 degree angles.  Turning everything in a different direction to create more interest in design features.  This changes the perspective for a new design experience. No more is the web designs featuring simple information to convey a message.  Any medium such as animation or illustration can now provide its own message.
As a developer we are tasked with creating shapes and illustrations to interact with the user and their expectations. They are looking for motion and want to interact as they visit websites today.  The way a site is developed will offer delightful interaction with the visitor without going too far.  A touch of the magic should not become a distraction.  It can be subtle and still direct the user to the website message.  Too much of a good thing can become overwhelming so caution is suggested.

Online tools to use (parallax and other)

If you search the web you are sure to find many tools which will help with your design ideas.  Simple and more complex animations are available for use in design. One of the most popular methods we use is called “parallax.”  Even though it has been around for some time, it can still offer some unique looks which the client loves.
Parallax works nicely with many images, giving them a scrolling effect that provides a, dramatic look and feel.  Expect to see a lot of websites this year which are minimal in design and content.

Minimalism still stands out:

Our era of minimalism is here to stay it seems.  Less of everything brings a clean and precise layout.  These concepts are easy on the eyes and better organized with few distractions.  Good design means less and less …  no more cluttered and confusing layouts.  Only clean layouts with a clear and concise message.

Serifs fonts make a comeback:

Years ago we had to design for clients with non-retina screens. Because of this, the fonts we chose were mostly sans serif fonts which were easy to read.  Today however, screen resolution has improved and we can use many serif fonts to boost our creativity.
To make sure the font is supported well and will be easy to read, we normally go to  We choose from this selection.

Fixed navigation is a popular tool:

The way a user navigates a website is a top priority in web design.  When the menu remains fixed (stays in the same position) and follows the user as they scroll is very popular in designs today.  This is called a “sticky menu.”  This method simplifies the web experience and keeps the menu controls available at all times.

Floating Navigation:

Some designers prefer to remove the navigation bar from the page content areas.  Instead they are allowing the navigation bar to float or be stationary outside of the page area.  This will let the user use the nav bar as needed.  Another method used is as is shown in as a stationary nav bar rather than a floating navigation bar.  Our designers prefer the fixed version which seems to work better for our client base.

Adding video to web design:

The look of a custom video will enhance any brand.  This can be expensive however, and it must be developed by a professional videographer. If a client decides to use a video for the website we will need an MP4 and a WebM file format to do the job (for self-hosted videos).  The most popular request is to have the video appear as an opening element to the home page. It is hard to provide a price for the video without knowing the scope of the product brand.
The client should meet personally with the videographer and discuss options. Depending on the length and sophistication of the video presentation, the price could range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to around $1,500.  The area of the country plays a role in the price as well. An alternative method which could be less expensive  is to upload your video files to either Vimeo or YouTube and our designers can access them from there.

Benefits of a video presentation:

A video presentation is a powerful and dramatic tool which can fit seamlessly into the design.  It has become a trend in some areas of the country. This, combined with custom layouts can be very impressive online experience.  The video will remain high quality and the content can be repeated for marketing purposes.We are convinced that the video presentation will be used more and more in 2018 for visual perfection.
Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to serving you this year.  Contact the design wizards at Inside Design Orlando for your next re-design project.
Have a safe and enjoyable summer ahead.
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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