Orlando Website Re-design projects for spring and summer 2018

Jul 27, 2018

It has been a very busy spring and summer season this year.  This post is all about what the design wizards at Inside Design have been up to over the summer.  We’ve been busy building some great responsive and mobile-friendly websites from start to finish. We are now working on several re-designs which will be published in the next month.  All of our new re-designed  site are built to be viewed on all device, computer, tablet or phone. Let’s talk about a few of our projects we are working on now, and a few already published.

Clark & Albaugh Attorneys at Law:

This client was overdue for a new re-design.  They have decided to change hosting companies so they can get a “free” secure server (SSL Certificate) which is being offered right now by Blue Host.  Their website will also load faster and will be a more updated experience for their clients. We have referred Blue Host to many of our clients recently since they are offering this great savings for site security.
More and more sites are moving to secure servers to offer this safety to their visitors.  This is an especially great feature to have for attorney websites.  Clients expect privacy and security.  It is a top priority for legal clients. The attorneys at Clark & Albaugh are working on a new logo presentation with our graphic artist, Shane Wilson.

Remember that you can create your own future.

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  • Ask about summer savings

BullHorn Media Re-Design

BullHorn Media, a corporate videography and photography website will have a great new look soon.  It starts off with a thirty (30) second video to wow the audience.  New graphics and new content will round out his new re-design.   This re-design is well overdue and the staff is excited about the big reveal. We are also considering submitting this website for a web award this year.  A special thank you to the staff for choosing us to develop your new re-design.  We can’t wait to launch this new site.  We will feature BullHorn Media in August as the “site of the month.”

Bobby Marks Designs: (Floral Company)

Very shortly we will be starting on a website for a floral designer in Asheville, North Carolina.  BobbyMarks Designs is very popular in this mountain community and they provide high-quality floral designs for wedding venues in Asheville such as My Beloved Homewood and even the famous Biltmore Mansion in Asheville, NC. The Biltmore Estate is the largest single family home in the U.S.
Among the new work just accepted, is a new client who will be training people how to use prescription drugs responsibly and safely.  This is her first website to offer her services to the online community. She has arranged for a new logo and is excited to begin this journey. Her company is called PharmaCare. and we believe this service will be a great comfort to those needing this assistance.

Altiora MedSpa: (new office location)

Dr. Orlando Cicilioni and his team at Orlando Cosmetic Surgery have a new name and new brand.  They are now known as Altiora MedSpa.  They have moved to Sarasota, Florida.  His entire site which was first designed for the Central Florida area had to be cloned to cover both the Orlando area and the Sarasota area as well.  The blogging will continue on the Sarasota site and the Orlando site will still serve Central Florida. There are big things down the road for the staff at his new office which is called Sarasota Cosmetic Surgery Group.   Look over his award winning website which we are all very proud of.

Other redesign projects already completed:

Other websites which have been re-designed are now online and doing well.  Gastroenterology Consultants of Central Florida are happy with their new site and have recently brought on a new blogger to keep their site current with great content. Another client who have been enjoying their new look for summer is Orlando Psychology Associates. Their staff just sent us a great testimonial for our hard work. Our team is especially blessed to receive this great feedback when we finish a project and strive to build a great working relationship with each client.

Gold Medal Winner Veronica Campbell Brown:

Veronica Campbell Brown is another of our very valuable clients.  We have had her business for the past eight years and have watched her as she won her last three gold medals.  She is absolutely amazing as a runner and as a friend to all of us here at Orlando Website Design.  Veronica’s brand new website shows off her abilities is a grand way for 2018.  The new site was launched in early spring.  This custom and optimized design is a small testament as to her athletic ability.  Bravo Veronica!  We wish you success as you go forward and we’ll be watching.
Other re-designs just launched recently was Brandiwine Consultants..  This client was ready for a new re-design.  The staff at Brandywine was requesting new bells and whistles which could be used by the visitors to include a new payment option and other elements.
Brandywine Consultants is working hard on their marketing strategy this year and we look for good things ahead for this small business.  They are on their way to future success.

Safety first: (SSL Certificates)

We are also urging clients this year to apply for an SSL Certificate through their hosting service.  This would mean their site is safe and secure for visitors  to the site.  Google is looking more favorably on sites that feature a secure server space.
Thanks for stopping by.  Once in a while we enjoy sharing our work schedule and having you meet some of our new clients.  We feel we have the best clients on the planet and are always happy to improve their brands with an updated website. A special thanks to all of our clients this year who have made our lives better.  We enjoy our work and look forward to welcoming new clients.
Have a great August ahead!
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