Discussion about web and mobile UX (user experience)

Aug 6, 2018

Today, we are discussing the best way forward as we develop new website projects.  A great way to boost your brand is to improve your user experience, sometimes referred to as UX. This term speaks to the overall design experience felt by visitors as they browse your website and search for products and services. The better your user experience, the better your ROI (return on investment). We build each website to serve the individual client based upon their unique needs and requirements.  Every application is tested for usability on all browsers.

Our digital economy attracts Hispanic consumers:

There is no doubt today, that the global digital economy represents a large potential of untapped revenue.  In fact, across the globe there are new opportunities for companies are looking to boost their marketing footprint.  As an example: In the past two years, according to eMarketer, trillions of dollars were spent online. Hispanics are making online purchases more than ever before. Eight (8) in every ten (10) Hispanics shop online today.  Therefore, company marketing professionals are using a combination of processes, technology and partnership to stay competitive in this new global economy.

SEO Success is more than a website:

In 2018 it takes more than just having a website to promote your business.  Today you need innovative marketing techniques and  social media strategy to stay on top.  Quality marketing is the new connection between consumer and companies offering goods and services. This means promoting the site using good development techniques as the site is being created. In other words this is all about good user experience (UX).  To be clear, UX designers develop websites with the overall feel of the product in mind, while a user interface designer is more concerned about the way the website is laid out (the concept and format of the page design). The UX process combines a multi-step approach based upon the skill of the developer.

User experience for website effectiveness:

(UX) User experience process will analyze the website to determine just how visitors reach your site and once there, how they are using the site. This is a way to measure the success of the overall site appearance and functionality. This checklist (analysis) will help us decide on changes to the design or site functionality. It will also tell us if new bells and whistles are needed going forward.
Initial design steps for UX include the following:

  • Image links to areas of interest. A well chosen image will guide your visitors to the ‘action page’
  • Simple menu. One or two word menu titles help visitors get to interior pages quickly.
  • Brief content with bullets. Visitors will get your message in a hurry with well thought out content.
  • Contact information available. The number 1 complain of visitors is not finding a phone number quickly.
  • A secure server. Google is now tagging websites that don’t have SSL certificates as non-secure. Visitors will appreciate a secure website.

It is normally not necessary for a re-design as long as the site is developed well.  It this is the case, as long as you keep informed on current guidelines you should be fine.  We urge our clients to use some good online educational websites for help with new smart technology.  SiteProNews is a great resource for learning about UX (user experience) and other subject related to your website.

News around the office (New Blogger):

We are welcoming a new blogger this month.  His name is Ben Ehinher.  His blogging experience with clients spans the past ten years.  He is available for blogging projects as well as for writing content for our clients.  He worked with Merrill Design for the past two years and for Culhane Properties for the past four years.  We welcome Ben and look forward to a long relationship with him moving forward.  Contact our design team to check Ben’s availability.
We have a complete list of top bloggers we recommend.

New programmer available:

Our new programmer who has joined our team recently is Dominic Allen.  He offers our clients custom web applications built from scratch.  He is able to work on any and all WordPress plugins and add custom functionality to an existing WordPress site. New forms, new galleries and more.  Contact us for his availability or visit his website at http://www.programorlando..com
Hurry back for more next time and thanks for stopping by.
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