Landing page design and function for 2018

Sep 19, 2018

Our team knows that most people stay only a few seconds when visiting the site.  Unless we can capture their interest quickly and offer a benefit to them, they will promptly leave the site. A great landing page design will attract your target audience, keep their interest, and improve website conversion rates.  It will be both beautiful and functional based upon today’s needs. The landing page design will clearly convey the unique selling properties of the product or service in focus and it will feature CTAs (Call To Action) elements, visible for visitors to make a purchase. .

CTA (Call To Action Element)

Many new designs are adding the CTA button to show up as the first item on the page. This helps to offer a user experience first and foremost.  This button must be large enough to be seen on all devices. CTAs are especially pertinent if your goal is to motivate visitors to register quickly once they reach the site.  Also, instead of a couple of words such as “buy now” for the CTA button, the new method is to use a more creative and clever line such as “request your free “product sample.” 

Landing page animation plus a user friendly menu:

Using animation on the home page is a relatively new trend for some sites looking to promote their services.  This new trend works well with a CTA button up front on the landing page design  Along with animation and CTAs as the first elements seen on the home page,  another method popular with our clients is to use what we call a “sticky menu.”  This is a navigational system which allows users to move easily up and down the page.

Use the word “free” on the landing page:

An “eye catching” method for new design which always captures viewer interest is to use the word “free.”  Use this method as you have company offers throughout the year.  Offering visitors a real savings or benefit will lead to a compelling landing page, and also improve your ROI (Return On Investment) this year.

Color is the silent salesperson:

Let’s not overlook the power of color when re-designing the website. Using the right color strategically on the top of the landing page (within the animation) will draw the user in to read all content.

Mobile-Friendly design strategyKeep it responsive and looking great on all devices:

As we have mentioned in the past, the finished product (your new landing page)  must be responsive and look great on all devices. If any element is not responsive, for computers, tables and smart phones, you should re-consider using that element.  We know that great design is “responsive” design. The browsing experience must be correct for all users.

Pay attention to font sizes:

It is very annoying to have to touch the screen and make the text bigger in order to read the copy.  Take this into consideration when you choose font sizes.  Check the size of the font on computers, tablet and phone.  Make the font large enough to be able to read it easily on all three mediums.

Adding a reply/response form to the landing page:

We get this question a lot and for some companies such as attorneys and physician sites they are adamant that we should add a reply/response form on the landing page. If you are a company that feels you need this we will make one suggestion.  Add only a few fields instead of a long form which has many fields.  Call it a “quick response” form.  Keep the lengthly form for the contact page.  Less is best for a landing page.  So if you must add this form, keep it small and keep it simple.

When your landing page is not performing well:

If you are disappointed with the performance of your landing page, you may be trying to put too much on the page.  Focus on a main task. This might be getting the user to complete a reply/response form for a free quote, or to make a purchase for an item advertised, etc.  Whatever your main goal for getting great conversion rates, remember that less is best.  You can always create more pages on the site to display more content.  Keep the home page content to a minimum.  Bloated content is a site killer so avoid putting excess copy on the landing page!
Here is the rule of thumb:   If you offer the user too much information, the user has no reason to call you.  The real sale is made when they contact you directly.  Leave a bit to the imagination. The simplest pages are the best performing pages. Offering too many options will do nothing except to confuse the user and site conversion rates will suffer.
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