How to develop a world-class web design in 2018

Sep 28, 2018

Contrary to popular opinion, it is hard to develop a truly great design.  A world-class website doesn’t happen without hard work on everyone’s part here at Inside Design Orlando.  It takes a designer, a graphic artist who delivers the logo for the site, a content editor and programming expertise.  In other words, we are not in the business of “drag and drop.”
Every design is optimized to be unique and one-of- a-kind site.  Each client deserves this attention to detail and customization.  No client is looking for a generic, cold site.  They are expecting the best and should receive no less. As we carefully design every website, our main purpose is to attract the client’s target audience and build a site which will function well with today’s search engine optimization requirements.
We may be working on a custom design, created from scratch, a Drupal web application, a WordPress platform or an E-Commerce project.  For each design, we contemplate every line of code and all content imagined. We work hard as we step up to the needs of our visitors.  Our sites are all unique and different, no matter the platform used for the development purposes. The website must work correctly on all devices and this means it will be responsive and mobile-friendly.

Using content curation to make the difference:

As sites start looking alike (generic in nature) we are all realizing the added value of content curation.  Content curation refers to sorting out the most important content and avoid using content which does not add value to the site.  We are now using this method in a marketable way to make a difference in web design.
There are as many developers in our industry as there are clients, and thousands of new sites coming on line everyday. With this increase, the new Google algorithm highly considers the quality of site content to be just as important as the design of the site.  In the past many of us have concentrated on design techniques alone.  That is no longer the case, and content curation helps us to build a world-class website.
Let’s face it, content is the reason folks visit the site to begin with.  The normal consumer of products and services will usually search for a phrase or words to locate their topic of interest.  Although images add the drama to any website, it is actually the words that bring them to the site.  Content curation leads the way when talking about design methods today.  Storytelling has become the vehicle to have your website stand out in a crowd and also the magic that drives that important traffic to the site.

The power of story-telling:

We are emotional creatures.  Story-telling allows us to receive and understand information easily since it connects the article in an effective way.  It helps people relate to one another and is extremely strong when it is used in web design.  Self-knowledge and awareness are a part of every great story.  We use good story-telling for blogging and for relating individual stories regarding the site owner and his products and/or services available online.

  • Great stories will encourage visitors to come back for more
  • Great stories are universal, and can be enjoyed globally
  • Great stories provide a clear structure and have purpose to educate
  • Great stories speak to our deeper emotions like fear, happiness or sadness
  • Story-telling builds suspense and could create surprising conclusions

Website layout and design:

Page layouts vary depending upon the specific client’s needs.  Some are clean and simple, while others are full of today’s style.  The layout, like home decor can appear contemporary or traditional.  This again depends upon the client and what product or service is offered.  The colors used within the design are usually controlled by the logo or the color scheme.

Screen sizes of devices used:

Our design team follows the highest of standards. The design depends upon conforming to the different devices and screen sizes which are used globally.  Our team believes that the web design requires the design platform conform to the page resolution which would be used most often by the target audience who will be using the website.  They would be chosen after consideration for desktop computer, mobile phones and for tablet resolution.  Different screen sizes most commonly used might be:

  •  640×490
  • 800×600
  • 1280×1024
  • 1024×768.

Mobile-First Index in 2018:

We do know now that Google is focusing on “Mobile First” in 2018.  This will tell Google how well a website functions based upon their mobile compatibility.  Our designs must deliver the fastest and most reliable desktop and mobile experience to date.  Otherwise, our clients will fall behind in where they will show up on the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Resonsive and mobile-friendly designConclusion:

All designers must take into consideration that the “mobile-first” era is here to stay.  Google has stated that although they will continue to rank single websites, the algorithms will from this point on, primarily use the mobile version of the site’s content. Those clients who have not redesigned their site using a responsive platform may be left behind.  Search engines today are considering a website for a listing  based upon whether or not the site meets mobile-friendly standards.
The importance of the overall site design, the graphics, and the content chosen for the site cannot be mentioned enough.  We are suggesting to our clients that they should consider hiring a professional designer and a content writer as well to stay competitive in this industry.
Thanks for stopping by and hurry back for more next time.  Join us for everything design and programming.
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