Fairness in the workplace:  Working with other web design partners

Oct 6, 2018

Blog on fairness in the workplaceFairness in the workplace today can be hard to find.  We are all competitive in one form or another and some of us are quick to judge others in our industry.  This is what our blog article is about today.  In the news lately is much about judging others based upon their past behavior. This seems to dominate the news cycle around the country.  As web designers we must be a cut above. We all  depend upon others everyday in our work place.  We are not all to all people and upon occasion we must refer other professionals.
During any one week, we will refer clients to many other design partners based upon their needs. What goes around comes around and by giving work to others, we will be given the same respect. Many of our new clients are sent our way through those we have referred work to in the past.  Thus working with others in a  spirit of cooperation is necessary for all of us in the design community.
This is a big world and working together is essential to keeping our world running smoothly. We do check references from the partners we choose to work with and we consider their reputation in the industry. We also critique their work and determine the best use of their expertise.
Some of these designers and programmers are in direct competition with our own design team.  In spite of this, we must overlook any jealousy or territorial feeling we might have, in favor of the good of the client.  This allows us to offer more services and increases our value as a design resource. Over time we have developed strong partnerships with other designers, graphic artists and programmers.  This in turn helps to make Inside Design Orlando the versatile and strong company we are today.

Going it alone can be costly:

webdesign partnershipsMaking a judgement about another designer or programmer based solely on the fact they could be a competitor could be costly.  Rather than working with others in a spirit of peace and love, some of us have been guilty of judging another design partner as being less qualified or less credible based upon nothing other than our own opinion.  This could be our opinion based solely upon the fact they are a competitor.  This is just wrong!  A competitor could be a friend in the making and could one day, help our team reach new heights.
It is just too easy to complain or disparage other designers.  We can sometimes find ourselves doing this without knowing them or even understanding their value or expertise.  It is human nature to feel that our efforts are the best efforts.  it is also normal to be competitive in any business industry.  But to be good humans out there it is really important to offer a benefit of a doubt to all we meet, and this includes our competitors.  Human decency is in play.

What we may not know about our competitors:

We may not be aware of the limitations placed on another designer.  We may not know the client they were working with and some clients can be harder to please than others.  The client’s wants, needs and their unique opinions is a huge factor in the final product developed.
The amount of time allowed to begin and complete the project and even the budget plays a part as well.  It can be very unfair to judge another designer when we have none of this information.  The old “walk in my shoes” is a great quote to remember as we try to judge others and compare them to ourselves.

Be kind to those just starting in the industry:

It was hard getting started and sometimes we forget this when we begin to enjoy a bit of success.  We may be coming from a point of insecurity or perhaps showing a little too much of our own ego.  Whatever the reason, we should take the high road and be respectful.
Looking at other designers it is smart to remember where we came from and to understand that the designer we are critiquing may not be as far along in their learning curve.  They may be just starting out.  It is much better to offer our help rather than being quick to criticize those different from us.  It is really important in the following situations:

  • Looking at another designer’s work
  • Being asked to take over another site
  • Having another designer replacing us
  • Hearing rumors which may not be true

The best rule of thumb is to never disparage a colleague at all.  Most of the time we have very little information and any criticism we hear may be based upon rumor.

Judging peersHow falsely judging others can cause harm:

First of all we all find this an incredible waste of time.  Why pick apart someone else’s work.  There must be a more productive use of our valuable time?  Let’s face it, we are not an island unto ourselves and we don’t know it all.  The internet is a huge environment and it changes everyday.  Arrogance and misplaced anger or judgement toward our peers will throw a roadblock into building good contacts throughout our web design industry. Avoid making comments which could come back to bite!  Give everyone the benefit of the doubt and be professional in dealing with all peers.
Be professional, be respectful and be kind to all peers …they are just friends we have yet to meet! 
Thanks for stopping by and hurry back for more next time from the design wizards at Inside Design Orlando.


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