Comparing WordPress to WIX for business website design

Oct 14, 2018

WordPress versus WIXTrying to decide between WordPress and WIX for a first website or for website re-design is a top consideration for many businesses today.  The answer to this will depend upon your budget, the convenience of one over the other and of course if the website client has plans to promote or develop the site further after it is launched.  We will be discussing this in our blog post today.
As we compare WordPress to other platforms such as WIX, W3Techs is reporting that WordPress powers 31.6 of all websites on the internet while WIX is powering only 0.9%.  By far, WordPress is the first choice for most new business owners.  For us here at Inside Design Orlando, not a week goes by that we don’t hear from someone who is using WIX as a platform and wanting us to take over and change the site to WordPress.

Why change from WIX to WordPress?

This request is normally because the site owner is not able to manage the WIX site themselves.  They are wanting to add more sophisticated functionality or wanting more flexibility.  The WIX platform is limited to the available functions whereas WordPress has no limits to what can be added either by available ‘plugins’ or by a WordPress programmer.  Both platform allow the owner to make simple content changes themselves.  Advanced WordPress features do have to be accomplished by professionals and we charge a minimal hourly amount for this.
WordPress offers the non-developer (you) complete admin control.  There are WordPress plugins which can be added to your site such as contact forms, surveys, event calendars, call to action buttons, SEO tools, etc. You can even change your WordPress site into an E-commerce store.  Keep in mind if you require constant changes, and want your website to grow with your business, WordPress is probably the most cost-effective choice and would allow you to avoid costs in the future.

Setting  up a websiteAbout the WIX platform:

WIX is a hosted website, whereas WordPress is a self-hosted, open source content managed site.  Should you choose the WIX platform you will give up some flexibility.  You must depend upon the WIX support team to make any major updates, stay current with security, SEO, and add any additional features needed.  Any site development going forward will have to be done by the WIX support staff.   There is no “free lunch” with WIX.  But for those busy entrepreneurs who have little or no time to make changes, WIX, may be the best choice for you.

Setting up WIX versus WordPress:

Since WIX is a hosted website builder tool, you will not need to choose the hosting or install the software yourself.  You simply sign up for a WIX account and you are on your way.  WIX will maintain the site and do all backups too.  This is of course worry free for non-technical folks.  You simply forfeit all lot of the flexibility to manage the site yourself.
With WordPress being a self-hosted site, you would first choose who should host the site and sign up with them yourself.  We refer our clients to Blue Host.  We suggest you consider a cloud hosting account. Blue Host is a fast server and they have great security for WordPress Sites.  Read more about them from their website. Another perk that Blue Host is also offering this year, is a free SSL Certificate, which means the site will be set up on a secure server space. This is really a plus for our business clients, since Google has a new requirement that all sites listed on mobile searches must be “secure.” Blue Host also installs your WordPress software for free.

Is it all about cost?

If you are most concerned about the final cost for the website, then WIX website set-up is free.  But since you are concerned about cost, don’t be fooled into believing the free WIX site has no costs going forward.  It is not free to move your WIX website to another platform like WordPress should you decide that in the future. WordPress could be more cost-effective solution since you can make changes yourself to the site. WIX is a fixed cost, but you must be prepared for additional costs for any changes and additions to the site.

Comparing WordPress to WIXWordPress versus WIX conclusion:

WordPress site owners are able to add plugins for different needs and have more hands-on ability to control the content and elements on the site.  Most changes you make should be small changes and there are some great tutorials online.  There are also other WordPress owners that are available to help you if you ask them.  The WordPress Community is large and there is always someone who can offer a solution to a problem you might run into as you manage your own site.
Most of us agree that with a WordPress site, with a little practice, you can do almost anything you wish to do.  WIX may easier for you in the beginning, but beware, the website you desire may not be the one you can build.
However, if you are type of individual who wants a website fast and can learn the WIX development methods quickly,  then you will do fine with WIX. So, everything comes down to convenience versus flexibility.
Have a great fall season and hurry back for more next time from the design wizards at Inside Design Orlando.
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