Fast-loading mobile-friendly websites lead to top SERP Results in Google

Oct 23, 2018

Fast-loading mobile siteA  goal for all business websites this year is to show up on the first page of any Google search. Gaining this top listing in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) will benefit any company. To reach this level, your URL must load quickly to be competitive with others in your field. Google is especially looking at the speed with which your URL loads on mobile devices. This is a top ranking factor and may very well determine the success or failure for your business model.
A mobile-friendly website with a favorable user experience (designed well) and one that is fast-loading will always receive a higher rank than one that does not conform to this standard. We are re-designing older websites daily to comply with Google requirements. When Google is crawling and indexing URLs, they are expecting these ranking factors to be present.

Understanding what AMP is all about:

The term “AMP” refers to “Accelerated Mobile Pages.”   This is a Google project. Each of your standard website pages would be duplicated using guidelines supplied by Google.  The AMP page needs to correspond with each normal website page in functionality and content.  This AMP pages, when they meet Google requirements, will be supplied to visitors who are using mobile devices in place of the standard pages.


A URL of “” would require an AMP URL of “”  In other words each individual page would need a corresponding AMP page to take advantage of the faster loading method for mobile devices.

Facts regarding mobile site speed:

  • 53 percent of mobile users leave a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load
  • Average load time for a URL on a mobile device is only 1.5 seconds
  • 70 percent of URLs take more than 5 seconds to show visual content on the opening screen
  • 53 percent of mobile URLs are larger than 2MB

Quick loading mobile siteThe importance of speed and user experience:

Everything we do as designers and programmers is directly related to developing a great website user experience.  Part of this experience is how fast the site loads, which helps the user find what they are looking for in a hurry. When mobile devices became the norm, mobile load-time quickly became one of the top ranking factors with Google.  Today, responsive, mobile-friendly sites are necessary for all businesses if they expect to remain at the top of the search results and if they want to reach the mobile marketplace. This is even true for slower internet connections.

Optimizing mobile web pages for better rank:

Webmasters are being encouraged to optimize the mobile versions of each individual page of the URLs to rank in the first search engine result pages.  Google is expecting them to load within three seconds to rank best (irrespective of the internet connection). Further, please keep in mind is that even if the site page loads quickly, the content on the page must be relevant and worth reading.  Otherwise, a competitor will be ranked higher.
One of the new software tools which is available is called “Searchmetrics” which will offer an accurate analysis to rank SEO.  You will be able to use this strategy with all mobile devices and this can improve our online presence. On the average, pages ranking in the top 15 positions load quickly and offer the most current and most useful content to the readership.  These websites normally have a blogger who publishes content consistently throughout the year .  These sites usually also have a webmaster who keeps the URL optimized and updated.  This is the effort that Google requires.

Google ranking factors which are important:

As you will notice below, we place a fast-loading website as the first listing.  Most of us will not stay on a website which does not load quickly.  Our time is very valuable and no one wants to wait to find the business information they are searching for.

  1. A fast-loading website
  2. An accessible URL
  3. Mobile-friendly website
  4. Responsive mobile site
  5. Great user experience
  6. Pleasing and informative visuals
  7. Call to action elements
  8. Valuable reciprocal links
  9. Social media following
  10. Relevant business content
  11. Special savings (benefit offered)

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