Orlando Web Design Discussion: Holiday news, WordPress savings for 2019

Dec 11, 2018

As the Christmas holiday approaches it is also a great time to take stock of changes you may be considering in the year ahead.  Savings galore can be found during this time.  Many design companies including Orlando Website Design offer specials, not available at other times of the year.

$399 WordPress SiteA WordPress calling card site for only $399

For new entrepreneurs there is a special available until New Year’s Eve.  It includes a WordPress Design featuring a great landing page and reply response form for clients to inquire about services offered.  This calling card site can get you started on the right path for the new year.  You can add additional pages and learn to work on your own site.
WordPress is the perfect platform for those business owners who want to remain independent and to save the costs of hiring a programmer to make every change.   This can become very expensive for those website owners who have daily changes.  It is much smarter to start with WordPress and make your own changes.

Reasons to choose a WordPress platform for the New Year?

We are always asked why we suggest new entrepreneurs should use WordPress over other platforms.  Our answer is always the same.  WordPress is very friendly to search engines, and the major search engine which is Google, prefers a site that is built using WordPress over other platforms because WordPress sites are easier to scan using their search engine bots.  The WordPress platform is also affordable, whether it is being used for a simple blog or for a company website.  Another perk is that if your site attracts a large amount of traffic, you will not have to pay additional monies.
Building a WordPress siteWordPress is an “open source” platform so you can quickly and efficiently add copy, images and make changes yourself.  It is fully customizable.  Hundreds of various plugins are available and they are safe to use.  In fact WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Managed Software) globally.   The WordPress security is top notch and the WordPress team makes changes for better security on a regular basis.  It also features an automatic update to stay current with smart technology.
Additional functionality for site owners is the ability to add audio files, images and other types of media easily and quickly.  This gives your WordPress website a dramatic and one-of-a-kind look for your target market. Learning to use WordPress is much easier than other platforms and this is the main reason it has become so popular. Check out WordPress at their site.

Adding images to WordPress sites:

To add an image to a WordPress site you must first prepare the image and size it to fit within the page. Use an image editing software to prepare the image, crop it and get it ready to use.  Once it is ready, you can easily add the image to your Media Library.  Now the first step is to place your cursor where you would like the image to appear, and click on the “Add Media icon” found directly above your editor. Locate the image you wish to insert and select it.  Once the image appears, you will be able to edit the image’s settings before inserting your image.

Most Popular WebsiteAdding a page to the WordPress website:

To add a page to the WordPress website the first step is to login to the WordPress Dashboard.  Use your admin access codes to do this.  Next, from the menu on the left side of the dashboard, select the option Pages > Add New. Add a name for the new page. Add your content in the content box using the content options menu to stylize your information.

Suggestions for WordPress site owner security:

Create strong passwords and don’t use obvious usernames.
Make regular backups and be sure to install a security plugin.
Keep your plugins, themes and WordPress updated.
Choose a web hosting company who offers SSL Certificates.

WordPress Site Design for XmasLooking for a WordPress design company?

Inside Design Orlando (An Orlando Website Design Company) is available to develop and publish your new WordPress site.  We also have staff to train you how to operate your own site and we have a list of bloggers available to take on your blogging chores.  Each WordPress site we design and optimize has a custom blog added.  This allows the search engines to crawl your site and to pick up new content which will keep your brand ahead of the competition.  Adding new content regularly is crucial for search engine optimization.
With your new WordPress site you will quickly start attracting business your way.  Improve your ROI (Return on Investment) with a great SEO-Friendly WordPress website for the new year.
Enjoy the holiday season ahead and contact us to discuss your next project (which could be a WordPress business website).
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