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Feb 10, 2019

Getting started with a new website
Thanks for stopping by and we wish all of you a happy Valentine’s Day ahead.  Today we are announcing our small business design package which is affordable for all new clients. For a long time, our clients have been asking that we provide a more cost-effective design package for those on a budget.
This design package we are now offering for these folks is only $1,295 which is a “one-time-payment.”  To assist us with design and programming, we have added a new designer to make sure all requests are done on time. Our programmer and our graphic designer will be available for those needed custom programming.  Additionally, logo designer, Shane Wilson is offering a very cost-effective starting package for our clients.
Our $1,295 design package will include the following elements:

  • A design meeting with one of our top designers
  • Today’s new and modern design features
  • The website will be optimized for search engines
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive platform
  • Colors and graphics to reflect your branding
  • Social media and social sharing integration
  • Reply/response form for client information
  • Favicon for website bookmarking
  • Google Captcha for spam control
  • Owner managed with instructions
  • Backup software installed
  • Yoast SEO software installed
  • Monthly maintenance plan (optional)

New entrepreneurBusiness sites for new entrepreneurs

The first thing a consumer searches for online is a website.  They do this before making any purchase.  Today, business websites are getting faster and are much more useful than they were in the past.  A website shouts to the world that your company has a brand and is promoting that brand.  When our client is just starting their business, (a new entrepreneur) they are not very knowledgable about online promotion methods.  For business success, a well-designed website is still the best tool to have in their arsenal.  Their website will connect them with your target audience (inbound business online).

Shopping for a design firm and costs

For those of you who are shopping online, we encourage everyone to take the time to meet with several local professionals in your area first before going global to look for options.  Choosing a local designer will offer you the advantage of having a personal meeting with them and determining their expertise first hand.  Making an informed decision will pay off and avoid any undesirable issues which arise from hiring someone overseas  Be sure to ask how many sites they have done and ask them to provide a portfolio of their work.  Check each site for responsive elements and mobile-friendly design qualities.
A highly respected rating website, Expertise.com, uses the following criteria when determining the best Orlando design companies:

  1. Reputation
  2. Credibility
  3. Experience
  4. Availability
  5. Professionalism

Being selected as a top 23 design company by Expertise.com shows our commitment to these principles.
Another great way to gage an effective designer is to look at their testimonials from satisfied clients.  These testimonials are a sure sign the company you have chosen offers great customer service.  If others are happy with the design process and results, you can rest easy.  Take your time and do your due diligence to stay away from bad actors.
A website can be used merely as a calling card, or as a part of your overall marketing strategy.   It offers an opportunity to build your brand and keep visitors coming back for more. The overall cost can vary greatly from a small site to a larger and more advanced custom site.  A larger site could cost $3,000 or more depending upon the functionality needed and the overall scope of the project.  Our new $1,295 design package is perfect for the new business owner needing only a small first-time website.

Looking for design companiesSaving money with a DIY site

If you do have technical skills and are determined to do your own site you can save money.  But beware of scams that lead you astray.  Samples you see online are often full of optimization which can be done only by a skilled professional.  Unless you possess some programming knowledge you may not be able to get the result you are hoping for.  Don’t be surprised “after” you have spent money unnecessarily.

Our $1,295 design package advantages

There are many advantages to having a custom website developed and optimized by our professionals here at Orlando Website Design. The cost for this is a one-time payment and you (as a business owner) will own the design completely.  You will be the site’s administrator and call all the shots. You’ll be able to make content changes, add images and add videos and other elements you require.  If, in the future, new functionality you want is an advanced technique our designer will do this for you for an hourly rate.  We will provide a work order and estimate the number of hours required to add your new function.

Your host to store your website

The only costs above and beyond the cost of the design would be the hosting fee which is very cost-effective (normally less than $10 per month).   We recommend “Blue Host” to consider as a hosting company. They are now hosting many of our sites and we have received many good comments regarding their customer service and response which has been excellent.  We would be honored to meet with you or members of your team to discuss your first website or to re-design a site you have currently.
As we look forward to 2019 we must first make our websites easy to load and easy to read.  Visitors will be expecting faster load times and content which is quick and efficient.  Consumers will not wait around any longer for a slow-loading site.  Blue Host has some great alternatives to bring your current site online in a nanosecond.  Further, every new account with Bluehost is given a free SSL certificate to protect the site and allow visitors to see the site is secure.  This protection is considered major for the people visiting your site.
Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope we have given you a glimpse into the future.  With our cost-effective $1,295 design package new entrepreneurs can start off on the right path to success without breaking the bank.  Call us today at 407-405-4877 to get started.  Enjoy a happy Valentine’s Day with friends and family.
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