Trend setting ideas for web design in 2019

Mar 8, 2019

Staying ahead of other competitors today is not an easy task.  Most companies understand that trendsetters are the ones that stand out and will get the largest marketing share of the online business.  As web designers, we feel your pain and strive to remain competitive in our design methods.  This gives our clients the best opportunity to attract their target audience and grow their ROI (Return On Investment). It is definitely all about survival of the fittest.

Orlando Web Design Logo ArtistLogo and branding:

Although we prefer a professional logo done by a graphic artist, we can simply add a text logo.  The advantage of having a professional logo is that it always looks expensive.  It also offers the company other formats to use on printed material such as letterhead and brochures, etc.  Down the road, as the brand grows more popular, a professional logo can even appear on a billboard.
To do this the logo must be created using a variety of formats.  If a client does not have the budget for a professional logo, we suggest they choose a generic Google font.  Google fonts look right on all browsers and are used worldwide. Other Google font choices can be used in the design for titles, headlines and simple text.  We tend to use two generic fonts for each project.  Using new fonts for each website helps to customize the site and make it one of a kind.

 Trending color palettes for design:

When choosing a color palette for our new web designs, we normally stick to a couple of colors only.  Less is best.  More colors make the site look busy and simplicity is the name of the game this year.   it is customary to stay as close as possible to the colors in the logo (the company brand).  However, lately, we are urging our clients to have professional logos done.  Many of our clients were using a simple text logo and there was very little opportunity to add the bright, bold colors that are trending today.  These colors attract the attention of site visitors.
In the past, our clients shied away from hues such as bright yellow, orange, and hot pink.  But today, these great colors are experiencing a comeback.  They can make a bold statement for your next website project. Colors both enhance credibility as a brand and improve readability.  It is a win-win!

Gradient design is a trendsetting idea:

The meaning of “gradient design” is when the designer adds different shades of the same colors for a design effect  (a blending of color).   New sites featuring bright colors in a dual-tone is a great effect today to offer an updated look for re-design.  As designers, we expect this design trend to continue and most of our designers are using this method.

Design trends for trendsettersMinimal design preferred:

Since the inception of the internet, it is widely known that attention spans have decreased.  Getting a message quickly within seconds of a visitor arriving on the site makes all the difference.   The design trends of today built interest at “first glance.”  Engaging the consumer quickly is what works best to drive conversion rates. Don’t fool yourself into believing they will browse the entire site (every page).  They want answers quickly in order to make a decision to purchase.  Otherwise, they simply move on.

Design techniques that matter for trendsetting in 2019:

Whatever is pleasing to the eye is what works in every scenario.  We are seeing more and more hand-drawn illustrations in design work and also retro design features as well.  Solid colors and simple patterns are coming back.  Our graphic designer will be pretty busy this year as graphic layouts are becoming more and more in demand.
We have submitted a site which was launched in early January of  2019 and it has been nominated for a web award.  It is full of graphic design and there is a video presentation as the site opens.  Being entertained is always popular no matter how young or how old your target audience is.  Keep your fingers crossed for us as we wait for a decision on our entry.  Take a look at our website entry, Bullhorn Media.

New websites launched this month:  Re-Design News

We feel Inside Design Orlando is continuing to be one of the top web design companies today.  We enjoyed creating many new websites this year and continue to improve our capabilities and creative methods.  This month we launched three great new websites.  Below are the three great companies who have chosen our designers to re-design their sites and making them stand out in 2019.  We wish each and every client this year a great year ahead and look forward to working with you as you chart new paths.
Clarkandalbaugh.comOrlando Gemstones & Coast To Coast Disposal.
Thanks for stopping by.  Contact us for your next web project.  We hope you will hurry back for more from the design wizards at Inside Design Orlando (An Orlando Website Design Company since 2001).  Happy St. Patricks Day to all of our visitors and friends.  “My favorite holiday.”  If you’re lucky enough to be Irish you’re lucky enough.  From your “Staff Writer.”
Happy St. Patricks day 2019


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