Having an authority website will improve company SEO

Apr 15, 2019

Content must be relevantThe first step to consider when you are working on building an authority website is to develop a writing schedule.  Next you must add valuable content regularly. At Inside Design Orlando, we create new blog content about every 7 to 10 days. We also invite “guest bloggers” to add articles from time to time. When the article is completed, we follow up by promoting it on our Facebook page and other social media accounts.
The goal for any authority website is to produce high-quality organic content worth reading.  It must also rank well with search engines, and be respected by others in the industry.

Blogging on your own:

Some of our clients felt they could blog themselves to save hiring a professional writer. When we complete any project we always encourage them to blog consistently.  They usually start out great with the first couple of posts.  We do notice they add articles without any particular schedule. After a while, they do have a tendency to stop blogging.  Contact us directly to provide you with a list of available bloggers.  They are cost-effective and will help you elevate your site to one of authority.
Creating new content is very time-consuming.  A company employee assigned to blog for the website can expect to spend about 25 to 30 hours a month to keep the content fresh.  Adding a blog article once in a while will not get the job done. The blog content must be added consistently over time for best results. We have been blogging for over 10 years to protect our SEO rank. Google changes its algorithm all the time. Unless we stay consistent in adding organic content, we have no chance to stay competitive. After the content is seen by Google as being consistent, over time, then the website will become an “authority website.”

Researching a topic of discussion:

Take as much time as you need to make sure the information is up to date and worth reading and sharing. Keep sentences short and brief. Adding a video, a graphic or an image where needed. Make sure you have social share buttons on the page. In this way, they can share the content easily at any time (while reading).  Look for information on your topic written by others which could be a great “linkback.”  You can also link back to blog content from your own site which sheds light on the topic.  Both to these links bring more value to your website.  You might also receive some referral traffic from the outside websites.  The more traffic and social shares you get the better.

websites must be trustworthyBranding is becoming important to build an authority site:

Google does not consider brand signals when ranking websites.  A brand signal verifies how trustworthy your company is with online users. The more people that search for your name or your company or your product will let Google know how important you are. Your website content should benefit your own specific target audience.  The content must be relevant and above all the content should be “real time” news on the topic of discussion.  No one wants to spend their time on “yesterday’s news.”  This is where the research you do on the topic makes sense.  The content must deliver what the reader is looking for.
Your blog article should be an information hub to learn more about the topic.  We recommend that you spend a few days doing some research to add some new information which may just be trending.  Is there a new Google Algorithm just released?  Is there new information available on the topic which has not been mentioned?  Are there new gudelines to follow?

How many pages should be written?

Contrary to some information regarding how many pages of material is best, there are no very strict rules.  The number of pages do not matter as much as the relevance of the organic content and what benefit it offers the reader.
Both visitors and search engines are attracted to long term authority websites offering great content.  A high listing in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for organic content is always the top performer.  This listing will be found directly below the “paid” listings and will receive the highest amount of traffic and click-throughs.

Conclusion for building an authority website:

Add valuable links to authority siteThe metrics of an authority website can be measured by how many quality links and backlinks it has.  Build these quality connections overtime to increase your footprint online.  Your site will improve overtime by following the suggestions here.  Be sure to avoid any black hat tactics being used and continue to promote great organic content consistently.  Stay connected for all things design and programming.  Hurry back for more next time.
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