Social Media Marketing will influence website success

Apr 23, 2019

Kids and social medaiWe hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday.  Our discussion today is all about Social Media Marketing and how it may influence your website success.  If you have not set up any social media accounts, this is the time to get on board.  Social media marketing has great advantages for improving your online footprint.  Let’s face it, Social Media is here to stay and we must use it as we develop our marketing campaigns.  In 2019 it has been reported that over 88 percent of businesses are advertising on social media. All age groups, including the millennials, are influenced by social media so this is a trend for the future.  Social Media is also a way for ads to go “viral.”  This means that many more consumers will be exposed to the ad and the profit margin will increase exponentially.

How to market using social media:

There are some really great suggestions which should be followed when using social media marketing.  Done carefully, we can market our goods and services on social media platforms.  The most important rule to follow is to deal with any negative comments that come your way by offering your target audience a reasonable explanation and assure them their experience will be better in the future.  Feedback, negative or positive is a great way to determine your value online.  Learn from this feedback.  The payoff will be that your brand will grow to one of authority, offering a trustworthy place to do business.

Storytelling content influences consumers:

Consumers are drawn to a storytelling format for online ads.  Stories don’t require a lot of attention and make the brand appear more authentic and trustworthy.  This is one of the main reasons that content writers are needed in today’s online marketing efforts. Buyers are attracted to organically written articles.  This content is raw and created in “real time.”   Most of our clients just don’t have the time available to keep their content fresh and new.  We provide a list of individual bloggers and content writers who are available to hire by the hour.  These are independent contractors (not celebrities) and are well worth the price when the budget allows.

Benefits of social media Benefits of social media marketing:

Cost savings: If your marketing budget is limited, promoting your products on social media can be more affordable than many other mediums.  Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest will allow sharing content for no cost.  This can be a win-win for any business trying to get their message out there without spending money they don’t have.
Understanding your customers:  Social media marketing is a great way to gain an insight into what your potential client is looking for.  Knowing this will help you network with them and build a relationship.  They will soon be converted to an actual buyer.  Another win-win.
Staying in touch with consumer interests:  Connecting with your customers and staying in touch as they change lifestyles and explore different interests will help to keep your brand on their mind.  This will pay off big as they begin to shop for new products and services.
What about customer service?  Using social media allows you to respond to any questions or concerns.  Your loyal consumers want to be sure you are close by for quick assistance with any issue which arises.  Your goal when working with your target audience is to build your brand awareness by offering top customer service at all times.

Social Media InfluenceFacebook is a top social media platform:

One of the top choices for social media marketing is (of course) Facebook.  You can easily add organic content to Facebook, upload photos and videos, keep in touch with your online users and send messages quickly and efficiently.  You can also create new pages on your Facebook account to represent other businesses and services.
To date, there are over 2.07 billion Facebook users, an increase this year of over 16 percent.  Therefore you can’t go wrong by starting your marketing project using Facebook.

Using Instagram as a marketing tool:

Instagram recently introduced a new “zoom feature.”  This feature offers the ability to do some “close-up” marketing techniques.  You can use this to present your most relevant content quickly for all to see.
Your online advertisement will appear more professional and stand out in the crowd (away from the many unprofessional ads.)  Additionally, adding a great video might boost your presentation.  Stay with great content worth reading, the kind of organic content which will attract followers.  Avoid any hard selling and make sure all content has been researched and is accurate.  Include relevant hashtags and after the advertisement has been online for a while, go back and measure your results.

Social Media StrategyConclusion:

Quote:  It’s fine to have social media that connects us with old friends, but we need tools that help us discover new people as well.  by Ethan Zuckerman
Build your brand using social media marketing, a trend which is growing by leaps and bounds.  Stay in touch and contact us for your next online project.  We offer design solutions for both small and large business.  Stay connected for everything design and programming.
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