A successful brand requires a website with a well-defined purpose

May 31, 2019

Every new website owner is focused on the results.  Online news is full of information and it can be daunting for the average client. How can they attract an audience today with all of the new guidelines and requirements?  Online is the place to be for those looking to increase their brand awareness.  But how well their site is designed and how well it functions is paramount in the real success of the site.
As we meet with new website clients our first discussion with them is to discuss brand awareness.  Each brand is unique and requires a well-defined purpose to enjoy the success they expect.  Defining the vision for their brand is crucial for website success.  As we develop the concept for the site we take into account only the necessary elements needed to occupy the sections of the site.
Elements not needed are disregarded.  A site focused on simple, clean spaces which are easy to navigate works best.  Each and every choice we make for the project which includes the imagery, the content and even the typography is important for the overall defined purpose.

Mobile first design news:

Mobile-First design is built to be responsive across many platforms.  We know that Google is focused on mobile design first for organic listings. Since the majority of us are using our mobile phones, if your site is not found in mobile searches, you are likely to miss out on important traffic.  Desktop designs fall far behind mobile listings.  Because of this new Google trend, our designers are using the mobile-first design model for all new projects.

Choosing the proper typography:

Any typeface you choose will need to fit your unique brand and have a defined purpose.  Google Fonts are universal and those are most chosen by our developers.  It just makes it easier for everyone.   Google provides a great many fonts to choose from and they fit well within any concept regardless of the type of business model.  The typography you select must evoke the right emotion.  Each font has its own unique and genuine attribute.  Serif fonts could be chosen for those companies based upon reliability, safety or tradition.  The type chosen all depends upon the type of business. See Google Fonts
A family-owned business as an example would want to go with a simple serif font.  A photography company or a wedding company as an example might want to choose a more flamboyant script font. This choice will portray elegance and a sense of grace.  Choosing a san serif font can give you a more modern appearance.  The regular or bold fonts may appeal to market brands.  Each font is chosen for the defined purpose of the company represented.  Fonts have their very own personality.  The chosen font must fit perfectly with your company brand.  Our graphic artists on staff can help you with this choice if you are struggling to choose the perfect typography. Contact us to discuss options.

Focusing on great images;

As we work on new design projects we can’t help but notice that older sites often display images which are pixilated and are of low-quality.  There is no excuse for adding these low-quality images, and these awful images give off a feeling of illegitimacy.  Using great images with good image resolution lets the visitor know you care about your brand and want to make a great first impression.  Make sure that each image chosen is royalty-free and perfectly fits your individual brand message.  Although stock images can be purchased by all, do your due diligence and choose those that are new and full of interest for the visitor.

What part does color play in website success?

Color is known as the silent salesperson of the internet and it plays a significant role in attracting visitors.  Color sets the tone for your target audience and holds their interest.  When choosing a color scheme for the project, keep in mind exactly who your target audience is going to be.  Stay away from choosing only the colors you personally like.  Instead, consider the needs of those you are targeting.  An older demographic may appreciate a bolder color scheme.  A younger audience may be looking for a visually interesting color palette to help them stay engaged.
But before choosing a final color palette you should do some research to understand the needs of the client.  Although you may love a bold red tone, it may not be appropriate for the company you are designing for.  We find many clients come to us asking for a blue and white business color scheme.  Somehow they have been convinced they have to have this color combination since many business sites use this color palette.
If the logo is primarily blue and white you could look for a color palette with several colors which include the blue color.   If their logo uses other color choices, you could suggest using those colors.  It is always important to discuss with your client about the value of being a bit different from others in the same industry.  This can give them a firm advantage with the competition.  Use the color palette wisely to get the best effect for your client.  Here are color choices defined:

  • Red: A unique and bold color which evokes strong, intense emotion.  Food websites (restaurants) often choose red for their color palette.
  • Blue is a color that provides a feeling of calmness.  It is serene and offers a sense of trust and security.  It is used for many company websites.
  • Purple & Turquoise:  This sophisticated color is often used on medical websites associated with healing.  Use this color sparingly.
  • Green:  The color of green represents growth and is used in sites depicting nature and can be associated with wealth.  Green is tranquil and serene.
  • Orange and yellow:  These are cheerful, attention-grabbing and confident colors. Caution as some shades will cause eye strain
  • Brown:  A very earthy color which is usually associated with websites featuring outdoor themes.
  • Black:  This color is most often used on well-known brands due to its mystery and feeling of uniqueness.
  • Gray:  This color is used a lot for legal websites and promotes a feeling of intelligence, security, and reliability.
  • White:  The color white presents a clean, neutral feeling and is used in most white spaces on the website.

Conclusion for a well-defined website:

In conclusion, your site should be well-defined and present everything you do online in a clear concise manner.  Within the website, you should focus on email, advertising solutions, social media, and public relations information.  The overall performance of the website (when done correctly) will, in the end, convert the visitor to a real buyer.  This is the measure of a really well-defined and successful website.  It covers the purpose of the site through perfect development and functionality.  It will provide more leads, more sales and of course, better brand awareness.
Thanks for stopping by and hurry back for more next time from the design wizards at Inside Design Orlando.  Enjoy the breezes of summer and stay cool folks!
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