Good feedback, quality links, great web design and social media boost SEO

Jul 26, 2019

There is no easy way to get to the top of Google. But one thing is for sure. To be competitive on the internet you must build your brand and this takes time and effort.  Collect good positive feedback,  have a great web design, cultivate quality inbound links, and build a social media presence. This is the recipe for top Google results.

Good positive feedback from clients:

Consumers will purchase from those they trust online, and we know from experience that they trust good client feedback more than a paid advertisement.  Just as you provide references when looking for a new position, client reviews serve the same purpose. They tell your visitors you are a trustworthy source for products or services.

Quality inbound links:

None of us can afford to ignore the importance of quality inbound link building when it comes to web design.  Any company marketing strategy should include link-building as an element.  The amount of inbound links is not as important as the quality of the link.  Google will see that you can be trusted and are well connected to other websites.  It is better to have high-quality sites so don’t start adding poor quality links. Add them carefully based upon their value.

Getting noticed by having a great landing page:

We can also compare a great job interview with a great landing page of the website.  When your website is found online, the first impression is how well your landing page is designed. The site visitor will either be amazed at the great landing page design.  This is where the sale is made.  A bad looking landing page can drive any visitor away just as a bad interview will cost the applicant the job.
Every website should be re-designed every few years so new elements can be featured.  Smart technology, just like Google changes quickly. We are always being compared to others and most consumer prefers to deal with a company who is savvy and stays ahead of the curve. Change is constant and we must be tuned in to the changes to stay competitive.

DIY Websites to save the budget:

Those site owners who try to save costs by using a badly designed landing page will soon find the cost is higher than they thought.  Many of these so-called “free websites” are anything but free.  They offer very little when it comes to programming options and most of them are very generic looking.
The ads look great but when the buyer realizes they cannot perform some of the more advanced functions needed to make the site look unique, they are quickly disappointed.  At that point, they usually reach out to the support individual to take over and this comes with a cost. This, of course, if the goal of the freebie site developers.  They take over and earn a fee for working on the site.  So much for being “free.”
If you pay for a well-designed home page (landing page) you can attract your target audience and get the results you expect. It is well worth the cost to hire a professional to design your website.  Competition today is daunting and that all-important first impression can make or break your success.  Be sure to shop around and hire only a local company for the work.  Ask them upfront to provide their entire portfolio showing you other sites they have completed, and ask for references.  If they cannot do this ….. run away!

Conversion rate paid ads and organic listings:

Conversion rate occurs when a visitor to your site makes an actual purchase. Today those searching the web have many choices, a plethora of websites to choose from. They are not going to spend much time looking. The first step is to type in keywords for their online search.  The first selections in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) that pop up are normally paid ads.  Following the paid ads are the organic listings and these are trusted more than the ads.
Organic listings usually have more client feedback and this is a leading force that attracts buyers. it is very comforting to a consumer to see that someone else has used the site to make a purchase before them and had positive results.

Social media plays a part in SEO:

Adding social media to the website can be a plus when done correctly.  It plays a large part when we use it for business. When we use social media online, social sharing, icons or embedded news feeds can improve SEO.  Share your blog articles on your company Facebook page and other platforms to boost your SERPs anytime you add a new post.
Stay generic and do not put any personal opinions, etc on your company social media links.  Keep it simple but do share content regularly for top ranking. Online sharing can be very beneficial for any company.  It helps to create a connection and provides them with a reason to call you or to make a purchase.

Inside Design Orlando News:

A special congratulations are in order for Orlando Septic Services here in Orlando.  We just launched their new re-design this week.  Their new site features new smart technology and will serve them well into the future.  We appreciate their loyalty and wish them well with the new site. Our relationship with Orlando Septic Services has spanned the past 10 years.  We value our clients and are honored to have many of them coming back to us for new re-designs.  Great customer service is always in style and we strive hard to protect our working relationships with our clients.
Contact the design wizards for your next website project.  We look forward to serving you.  Enjoy the summer!
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