Advantages to integrating Facebook with your business website

Aug 13, 2019

Using social media today can benefit any business. Creating a social media strategy and integrating this to work with your business website is now a necessity.  We do not recommend putting generic Facebook content (people’s comments or pictures) from your personal Facebook on your website.
This is because you have no control over the content.  However, by setting up a separate Company Facebook page and integrating this page with your business website, you will be able to control the content.  Leave your personal Facebook as it is now for friends and family.  Use only the company Facebook page for integration purposes.

Why integrate the website with social media?

In the past few years, we are seeing that consumers are now interacting with businesses along many channels.  Social media is a great way to do this using platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest and of course our Facebook account.  This is why we must all design to accommodate this integration method.  There are pros and cons to Facebook and website integration.
You own your website and you have full control over the space.  However, with Facebook, you are dealing with another party and you must follow their terms and conditions which are subject to change.  You must continually keep updated on all requirements,  but the main goal is to drive more consumers to your site.
Those that visit your business website today should be directed to the company Facebook page through a call to action element. You might use the term, “follow us on Facebook.”  The click-through will lead the visitor to your company Facebook page and this is where you will provide more information on advertisements, etc.
Up to now most savings (specials) available were sent through an email blast campaign or newsletter.  It was not appropriate to advertise on Facebook pages because of family images and non-professional content.  Developing a separate company Facebook page was the answer.  This option is now considered a professional way to advertise.

Advertising on the Company Facebook page:

Since most companies offer a saving near the holidays, most visitors are looking for sales on all mediums.  The business website and Facebook integration help you reach more customers, and point your Facebook followers back to your useful website content. Your conversion rate will increase (this means you’ll turn visitors into real buyers).  You will boost your chances for success with this new social media integration.

Designing a company Facebook page:

Facebook today is more popular than ever.  There are over 1.41 billion users on Facebook.  It makes sense that we want to get our services and products noticed by this large group of consumers.  How we prepare our ads for social media today should focus more on design.  We should design our company Facebook pages to be effective and to get more click-throughs.  We will want to create banner ads and most of all have our Facebook pages pleasing to look at and full of great information for visitors.
The need for great web designers will be increasing this year with the onslaught of those wanting to integrate social media with company websites.  We are also expecting requests for social media design for Facebook home pages.  We are here when you are ready for new website design (or re-design).   We suggest a re-design every few years to add all of the new smart technology which is available in 2019.
How important is quality website design?
Web design today and social media complement each other and are the two parts to any business.  Our visitors are expecting to be entertained and are there to read valuable content. This will be increasing in the future and quality design is a must for success.  The website needs to be mobile-first, functional and cross-compatible on all devices.

The future of social media, design, and integration:

Mobile-first is the future of social media.  We are expecting over three billion people by 2020 to be using mobile phones for daily access.  They will also be using their devices for accessing social media.  This is the explanation as to why we are now using a “mobile-first” strategy for designing websites.
We will be doing the same for developing social media pages for Facebook.  Integrating all mediums is the answer to becoming authority leaders online.  The online experience for business and industry will depend upon some form of integration so embracing this idea is going to help all of us stay ahead of the competition.
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