WordPress today and how it makes a difference in business website

Sep 27, 2019

WordPress for business websites has been around since 2003.  WordPress for business has definitely made a difference in our lives.  Since its inception, WordPress has grown to be the top content management system across the globe.  The most current WordPress 5.2 version is written in 52 languages.  Today, WP is the chosen CMS platform for new entrepreneurs and businesses looking to re-design their sites.
WordPress represents around 58 percent of the online market share on the internet.  It is easy to use and allows company representatives worldwide the opportunity to own and manage their websites on a daily basis.

Interesting WordPress today fact:

According to past data collected, keyword searches based upon WordPress information ranks higher than most competitors such as Drupal, Blogger, and Sharepoint.   Basically this is saying that if you are looking to attract your target audience,  develop content about WordPress.  That is what we are doing today with this blog article.

WordPress Camps nationwide:

WordPress learning camps are available in most communities. These camps appear in 68 cities in the US and are also found in Ireland, Spain, Mexico and even South Africa.  The instructors are there to assist professionals and those just starting to learn WordPress stay current with the industry trends.
Updating your WordPress knowledge is also a great way to develop a forum for company networking strategy.  WordPress camp instruction takes place over a weekend offering those working full-time a chance to join the groups around the country.

A career as a WordPress developer today:

You can create a great career by learning and offering WordPress skills online.  The more advanced functions of WordPress are most sought after.  You could earn a living starting at around $50 per hour learning WordPress.  There is a high demand for proficient WordPress developers.  Our own team is looking for a skilled WordPress developer based upon the increased business over the upcoming holiday season.  This is a very lucrative career and one that we highly recommend.  Here are a few professionals that can make money in WordPress.

  • Web Developer / Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Writer / blogger

Current news from WordPress:

The next big release expected is WordPress 5.3.  It is scheduled to be released on November 12, 2019.  It is a block editor and has a huge list of great new features.  We are always hearing from clients complaining about how difficult it is to optimize images.  This will no longer be a problem with the new 5.3 block editor.  Your images will download perfectly even from your smartphone and they will rotate quickly and efficiently.   Read more about the new features coming soon for WordPress 5.3.

Best Professional WebsiteNews from Orlando Website Design:

Congratulations to Florida Academy of Sciences.  We launched their new WordPress re-design just recently.  They are allowing members to add content to their own individual pages on the site.  The home page features several changing images representing their many services.  The site features all of the social media choices such as Facebook, Linked In and others in a dropdown “ShareThis” menu.
The new platform is now completely secure using the Blue Host SSL Certificate.  The site meets all of the latest parameters for the top new sites, built with smart technology available today.  We wish the team good luck as they begin to use the new website.
We are now working on a new e-commerce website for Veronica Campbell-Brown, a five-time gold medalist from Jamaica.  Veronica is looking to sell her beautiful activewear to woman around the globe.  Congrats to Veronica and husband Omar on the birth of their new daughter “Avianna.”  The big reveal will happen by the end of October, just in time for the holiday season.  She will be offering some great specials throughout the year.  Good luck Veronica on your new venture ahead.
Thanks for stopping by today.  Stay tuned for holiday specials.  We will be sending a holiday newsletter soon.  Also for those of you needing a blogger please call us and let us know how many blog posts per month you need.  We have a list of available bloggers and we’ll suggest someone for you.
Till next time.
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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