Colors of the web:  Website design tips for fall of 2019

Oct 10, 2019

We all want to have a pleasing looking website. This blog post will be all about the colors of the web for the fall of 2019.  As we develop our websites we want to choose a background color that works best for an individual brand.  How we use color throughout our website plays a major role in our success.  This is because we all realize that color does affect human behavior.
As a consumer visits our site, they may stay only a few seconds.  In those few seconds, the colors we use to build the site will convey a positive or a negative response. The visitor will quickly form an opinion as to the value of our product or service.  The colors we have chosen to represent our brand will play an important role as a first impression.  This theory has been proven out through scientific research and could be the reason we refer to the color as the “silent salesperson.”

The power of color in the web design:

Using the colors of the web, we can choose the perfect color scheme.  Done correctly, this will draw traffic and increase website conversion rate.  As we build our websites we should pay close attention to the colors chosen for menus, headlines, backgrounds, and call to action buttons. Color must be used in the right places on the site and the color chosen must be perfect for the brand.
Remember, visitors need to stay on the site long enough to convert to an actual buyer.  Keeping this in mind, choosing a very dark color for some business websites might drive customers away.  On the other hand, the same dark color could be perfectly harmonious for another business site. Too many colors could create a “tacky” appearance.  However, not having enough color could make your site look forgettable and not inspire those that visit.  If you are not a proficient web designer yourself you should contact one of our design associates to help you make these important choices.

Colors of the Web and Your logo:

When you are considering having your logo created, please keep in mind that the logo is a visual representation of your entire business.  It will stand for your identity in the world and will greet the visitor as they enter the site. Imagine how important logos work for well-known businesses. The logos of these companies helped consumers remember them simply by seeing this representation.  There are three types of logos:

  • font-based logos
  • illustration logos
  • graphic symbol logos

A font-based logo is simply the name of the business using a descriptive font chosen by the graphic designer.  An illustration logo tells what a company does. This could be described by using a paintbrush for instance in a home painting business.  The paintbrush illustrates what the business is all about. The last type of logo the graphic symbol logo which is normally just a graphic that stands in for the name of the business.  The logo chosen by Nike is quite familiar throughout the world. We all recognize the Nike’s Swoosh.”

Different logo formats:

Make sure your logo can be reproduced in color as well as in black and white.  A black and white logo can easily be photocopied or faxed. Ask the graphic artist for several formats so you can use the logo for print as well as for the website.  Avoid using clip-art which can be copied by others.  An original art logo will make a more impressive statement about your company brand.

Using colors in your logo:

Keep in mind that even though color logos are nice looking, the colored options will not work on some mediums such as some stationary.  Stay with no more than two colors if possible.  Remember that in the future your logo could appear on a variety of mediums such as signage, advertising, packaging and more.

Hire a professional web designer and graphic artist:

Although you may hope to create your own website, there are many web designers and graphic artists online who are very cost-effective.  It does not cost thousands.  You can usually hire an online graphic artist for a few hundred dollars to create a great logo. For website design, we all offer special savings throughout the year.

Developing the logo first:

As professional developers, we appreciate receiving a professionally created logo.  This helps us choose your site color palette which will blend efficiently with the site concept. We can then use the colors from the logo in other areas of the website as the design progresses.  This will give the overall look of the website a cohesive appearance.
Thanks for stopping by today.  Take your time and do your due diligence as you forge ahead with your design for the fall of 2019.  The colors of the web are waiting for your unique touch which will bring your brand new life.  Enjoy the fall season and hurry back for more from the design wizards of Inside Design Orlando.
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