Orlando web design Fall specials (DIY versus professional design) part one

Oct 24, 2019

Alas, we are now in the Fall season of 2019.  This is the time each year that businesses, old and new review their websites.  Should they build a brand new site themselves using a DIY method, re-design their current site or invest in professional design?  This is always the question.  With so many options available it can become a daunting task to make this decision.  We are dedicating these next two blog articles to this dilemma.

Website builders versus the WordPress platform:

Website builders such as WIX and others are much less powerful than a platform such as WordPress.  Although you may find it easy to set up a Powerpoint or website builder site, these DIY sites may not be the best choice for a professional business.  We recommend WordPress for business sites.
You don’t need to understand coding, but WordPress does require a higher skill level with hosting setups and the HTML language.  If the budget allows the choice should be a professional developer.  If you choose our team, we will work hard to create for your business,  a beautiful and mobile-first website.
Whether you choose a DIY website platform or a WordPress design, you will be able to edit the website pages.  The content must be changed regularly to stay current with search engines that visit the site.  Without adding new content and other creative elements, your site will not stand out or be competitive with others in your field.

Website savings for Fall of 2019:

There is usually an end of year meeting to discuss changes that would be beneficial in the year ahead.   If you are looking for professional design, look to our talented and award-winning team to make it happen for your brand.  We are happy to announce our holiday savings from Orlando Website Design.  You will receive a $600 savings on our [fusion_modal_text_link name=”design” class=”” id=””]most popular design package[/fusion_modal_text_link] with a booking before December 25th.
Your new “mobile-first website could cost as little as $1,295.  We also allow up to three payments to help with the holiday budget.

Professionals on staff or hire our team:

If you are a professional programmer the sky is the limit.  There are different options for every level of skill.  If you’re a novice, you could choose a website builder (a DIY method).  Do keep in mind these DIY platforms are limited even though they might be easier to manage such as a drag and drop method, we don’t recommend this for business sites.
WordPress is a much more flexible platform and it can be customized easier than a typical website builder.  If there is no one on your staff to develop a new site, this is where we come in.  We are anxious to meet with your team to discuss options.  Once we build the site for you, it can then be easily managed by a member of your staff.  We set it up and you manage the site from there.

Do you need new technology or a redesign?

Every business website needs an update (re-design) every few years.  This is to allow new technology to be implemented. This new technology may not have been available when the site was first published.  It is also a great time for new entrepreneurs to get a brand new mobile-friendly site for the new year.  Allow our team to critique your current site to determine if any new technology is needed or to prepare a proposal for a new design.

How important is a website to business?

This past year we have seen many new search engine optimization methods become popular for online businesses. No two businesses are alike so a quick meeting will allow us to choose the right programming for your unique business model.  Adding this new technology will improve your ROI (Return On Investment) and drive more consumers your way. If your website is actually the business itself, you may be able to use a DIY method.
You may not need online forms, applications using programming methods, etc.  In this case, a DIY site is a good choice.  On the other hand, if you are depending on your site to process requests and retrieve specific information, a professional is needed.  Individual customized elements are not available using a simple DIY option.  These features must be built from scratch by a WordPress programmer.  Be prepared to pay for custom options for your design.  It is best to meet first with a designer and/or a programmer first to find out exactly what result you will be expecting.  Research is your friend as you move toward a new year of success.

The charges for professional design:

Web designers in our area could charge from $60 to $85 per hour depending upon their individual skillset.  A small business website could run from $1,895 for a smaller site to $4,000 or higher for larger sites.  The amount of custom programming needed will also affect the overall price for professional design work.  We also include in these figures a training session once the site is published if the platform is a WordPress platform.  This helps the site owner to feel more confident in moving forward and adding content and images to the site.
Be sure to inquire whether or not any training is included.  Otherwise, you might need to depend upon the developer for changes and this could get costly.  The whole reason for going with a CMS (Content Managed Site) such as WordPress is to have independence and be able to manage the site after it is published.

Orlando web design News & Views:

Announcing that our team of professionals is working hard on a new e-commerce site for Veronica Campbell-Brown.  Veronica is a five-time gold medalist for Jamaica. The site will feature fashion-forward attire for athletes around the globe.  We will be launching her new site in the first week of November so stay tuned for the big reveal.
Be sweet and stay safe over the Halloween holiday and hurry back for part two of our “Orlando Web Design Special Savings for Fall.  Thanks for stopping by.  Call us or complete our “free quote” form here on our site to learn more about our method for “mobile-first design.”
Staff Writer:
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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