DIY Web Design versus Professional Websites (part two)

Nov 7, 2019

This is part two of  Orlando Web Design fall specials (DIY Design versus Professional  Design).  The pros and cons are worth reading about as you will make a more informed decision.  There is a lot of advertising today pushing “do it yourself “methods.  These ads claim to magically offer you a  productive and functional website.  Unfortunately, it is always “buyer beware” when it comes to these online ads.
For those of you who are a bit savvy with WordPress or other software platforms, many of these options are very cost-effective and are an easy choice.  But for others, with no experience, building a website is not going to be as easy as it looks.  For these clients, (first-time website owners) even drag and drop website builders can be a daunting task.

Drag and drop option:

The drag and drop option may be a good choice for those with no experience at all.  You can create the website from scratch and just drag and drop elements of your choice from the list of available choices.  However, you will not have the flexibility you might enjoy with other options.  With the drag and drop choice, most of the design is set in stone.  This option is great for first-time site builders.  Other DIY options may be worth exploring if you want more control over design features and want more design freedom.

Building a custom site using a template software:

The next option is to choose a template already designed.  You can work on the template yourself and it does offer more flexibility to make changes you might like.  The drawback to working on a previously designed template is that you may need a bit of programming knowledge to make specific changes.  Some coding experience is helpful with this option.
Without this knowledge, you may not be happy with the result and need to contact a professional to complete the job.  Therefore, the drawbacks are that you will find it difficult to add your own custom features.  You might also experience issues with updates and browser compatibility.
In conclusion, as we consider template design, you can indeed build your own custom site with some programming knowledge.  Otherwise, you will be using one of the templates already available within the software.  You may also need to spend some money to buy premium plugins which would give you the features you need.  You’ll also incur fees for your web host and domain name.
With template design, there are benefits available.  Here are a few:

  • Easy set up (with some previous knowledge)
  • Custom design is possible (with programming expertise)
  • Lower prices as compared to hiring professionals
  • Layout choices are abundant with this software
  • Built-in functionality is available

Caution;  Most professional designers and programmers are very reluctant to become involved in outside projects.  They do not want to have to work on and fix programming issues.  They may insist on starting over building a brand new template.  If this is the case and you have a very small budget, a drag and drop option is best in the long run.  

Using freelance designers:

Hiring a professional freelance designer will offer you more possibilities and more creative freedom.  You can explain your idea and vision to the design team and they will bring that design to fruition for you.  it does come with a price.  Using a freelance designer is much more cost-effective than choosing a large web design firm.  Check your local listings in your city for freelance designers available and set up a couple of meetings.
We have several freelance designers available here at Orlando Website Design.  Individually, they offer great professional design packages at affordable prices for all budgets.  During the holidays we are offering our $ 1,295-holiday savings package to new clients and for those looking for a re-design for the new year.  Call us at 407-405-4877  to schedule a quick meeting to discuss options for your first site or for a great new re-design for the new year.  Here are a few benefits when you choose a freelance designer for your project:

Hiring a professional freelance designer:

  • You’ll get a custom design (for your brand)
  • The site will be kept up to date and optimized for SEO
  • Freelance work is not as expensive as a large design company
  • The website can be completed  quickly

Choosing the best option for your specific brand:

If your company doesn’t require financial payment software and very few plugins or special features, you might want to choose a simple “calling card” website.  An individual freelancer may be able to offer this website (done professionally for a smaller price).  This is a perfect situation for our special design packages available throughout the year.  You could also consider the drag and drop option which is offered through online ads.  You could create the website on your own without having any specific training.
This calling card site or sometimes referred to as a “brochure site” is a popular website choice. You will just be offering a few basic facts and some images to the site.  It will give you an online presence and is the most cost-effective choice.  If you want the site to be more professional looking and if you may require more custom features, then the site cost will increase.  Please don’t hesitate to call and speak to our freelance designer here at Orlando Website Design for seasonal specials.

More complex designs:  Why hire a professional?

Hiring a professional is the best choice for more complex web projects.  These are sites that require additional features and custom programming.  You may need an entire team of professionals to get the result you are expecting.  Sites that handle financial transactions are called e-commerce sites.  These sites require coding knowledge.  The cost of this site will be determined upon the amount of custom programming needed.  Some e-commerce sites are less complex and can be handled with a CMS or a website builder but this is to be determined.
A more complex site also allows for web applications.  These are interactive elements that definitely will require a professional designer and/or programmer.  These sites are of course, more expensive since more hours are required to build the site.
Thanks for stopping by today and please contact our team to discuss our holiday specials.
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