Website technology for the Up-and-Coming Entrepreneur

Nov 19, 2019

Website technology for the up-and-coming entrepreneur is always changing to meet consumer needs. As a business owner, you can take advantage of software, systems, and equipment that make life easier for your customers. Although technology is an investment, the right equipment and services can pay for themselves and more.
Keep reading for a quick rundown on a few pieces of tech that can enhance your business without bottoming out your bottom line.

Online Courses for new startup companies:

We’ve grown pretty accustomed to the internet over the last few decades. One of the best benefits of online connectivity is that you have access information 100 percent of the time.
As far as your business goes, the most valuable tidbits you can find online are courses to help you operate your company successfully.  You can find everything from web design to programming and photography all on the screen you are using to read this article. A few online business courses each year can help you learn how to be a better entrepreneur.

Boost your current website:

An engaging website is essential for many businesses. If your current website is clunky and isn’t user-friendly, consider bringing in one of our website design team or contact us to hire a freelance web designer to assist you. It may also be helpful to hire a PHP developer to design your website’s interface so you can update it yourself.  We use WordPress software which allows this option.
This will help you make small changes yourself and use our freelance team members for more advanced changes. When hiring a PHP developer, look for candidates with an understanding of PHP frameworks (e.g., Zend, Laravel, CakePHP), web fundamentals, and web servers like Apache and NGINX.

Hands-Off Sales Opportunities for new startups:

Speaking of things you can do online to grow your business, you could consider the overlooked possibility for selling items via a dropshipping model, which requires no up-front investment and won’t take up space in your physical location. You can harness the power of inventory-free selling even if you maintain a storefront and stock items in-house. This way, you are not overshadowing your most popular and highest margin items. Oberlo lists dozens of different possibilities for e-commerce projects.  This could include clothing,  art, bras, cosmetics, and wedding supplies to mention just a few.  These and other popular products can easily complement your current offering and give you a secondary revenue stream.

POS Systems:

When you think of point-of-sale systems, you probably think of old-school cash registers. However, today’s POS providers have evolved; you now have the ability to integrate your in-store and online sales all from one system, which provides the added value of letting you manage your inventory with just a few keystrokes. Many systems can even be used with your existing technology, such as your iPad or smartphone. Make sure to choose a system and processing service that accepts the most popular payment types.  We often recommend Woo Commerce software for new entrepreneurs.

Office Equipment for New Entrepreneurs:

Today’s offices are run by more than just computers, telephones, and black-and-white laser printers. Servers, routers, and even security systems can all work together to ensure that your network stays up and running and the office can conduct business as usual. However, even more than that, new technology has made it possible to bring previously outsourced solutions on site. A 3D printer, for example, can help you create prototypes or design custom promotional materials for your company. You can create everything from phone holders to toys on demand.
If you’re an artist or photographer, you may also find that simply buying your own wide format printer can save you a lot of time of money. Digital Trends list several printers that are less than $1,000 and produce vibrant, flawless prints.

Workflow and Collaboration Software:

One of the most important things you can do for your business is to ensure that you can communicate and collaborate with your employees no matter where they are. This brings us right back to the internet. Workflow systems such as Redbooth and collaborative document processing (think Google Docs) mean you can stay in touch with your employees and track project progress in real-time. This can streamline many operations, which will save you money and help you provide better service to your customers.
With so much technology out there, it pays to know what’s available and to utilize those products and services that better your company. If you don’t, the competition certainly will.

Orlando Website Design News:

Congrats to Veronica Campbell-Brown on her new e-commerce website.  She is looking forward to selling her fitness attire online.  Veronica is a five-time gold medal winner, representing Jamaica as a female sprinter.  We wish her much success this year.
We are also welcoming a new client.  We are working on a new re-design for Orlando Metro Gymnastics and their four locations throughout Central Florida.  We hope to launch their new site before the Christmas holiday.  Stay tuned for their big reveal.
Contact us asap to ask about our holiday savings package for new entrepreneurs.   We have our website team standing by and can also recommend a freelance designer for you.  Have a happy Thanksgiving holiday and please visit our site often for all things design and programming.
This blog post was presented by guest blogger, Katie Conroy.


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