Happy New year: Affordable SEO for today’s business websites

Jan 1, 2020

In 2020, many of our business partners are looking for an affordable SEO strategy for their current site.  Organic unpaid search will play an optimal role this year.  Organic search is determined by specific keywords and phrases contained within the natural flow of the content. On the other hand, paid search allows the business owner to pay money to be listed in the search engine results pages.
The internet is full of suggestions which include paid search options.  Most can be expensive but can provide big rewards depending on the amount spent.  Many of our clients are electing to stick to organic unpaid search strategies to save costs.

WordPress SEO and Site Maintenance:

For those of you who already have a WordPress site, we are offering an affordable monthly maintenance and SEO plan.

  • Google Analytics Reports
  • Keyword Analysis & Optimization
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Website and Database Backup

Mobile-friendly platform:

The most important thing to remember is to make sure your site is mobile-friendly and is built on a secure platform.  No one wants to visit an insecure website as they search for services.  If your site is not secure,  visitors will leave quickly.  This increases what we refer to as a “bounce rate.”  This bounce rate will affect your overall search ranking.  Your users deserve a safe user experience.  No visitor wants their sensitive information to be collected on a non-secure server.  This is usually a simple fix.  Simply call your hosting company and ask for secure server space.

Optimizing for mobile:

If you are using a website that is not optimized for mobile users you are missing a large part of the online market.  Today, in this environment of the internet, most of us are using our mobile phones.  The new technology is quickly moving away from the old methods of the past.  The internet and social media rule the day.  So to get noticed we must be tech-savvy and mobile-friendly.

Voice search in 2020:

Of course and as we move forward, voice searches will gain in prominence.    In 2020 we expect over 50 percent of the searches to be coming from “voice search.”  Consumers find this a more natural and easy way to connect with the online marketplace.  Thus we all tend to use voice search on our smartphones, smart TVs and our other smart devices. Due your due diligence this year and become more familiar with this latest method to speak with your consumers online.   Find out what is the most important questions your target audience might want to know.  Then, use this information as you develop your online voice search strategy.   There are many online tutorials that can help you get up to speed on voice search.

Adding featured snippets to websites:

Featured snippets are simply internet search results created from phrases that contain keywords.  This information will answer any question posed by a user.  They get the answer to their questions quickly and efficiently.  These snippets help to elevate your brand to a higher search rank in the SERPs  (search engine results pages).  Google will always choose to use these informative snippets over other SEO strategies.  By using snippets the user will be able to find the products and services they need without being bombarded by intrusive banners, popups and slow-loading pages.

Websites that feature today’s technology:

A slow loading site will quickly become irrelevant.  No one wants to wait to find the answer to a question.  As web designers, we are competing with voice search and other online market strategies.  We certainly don’t want to publish a slow-loading site without the new bells and whistles available today.  Let’s face it, we are all used to convenience and getting our needs met almost instantaneously.  Any low-level experience, such as a website that is out of date, slow to load and does not offer top of the line elements will not succeed.  Google knows this and ranks sites based upon top digital performance.  Those websites that do not perform are soon obsolete.

Writing new content for 2020 success:

The question is always the same.  What content will work best for search engines as well as users?  First of all most of our clients do not understand that all content must target actual users.  It is not based solely on search engine requirements. The content must be organic and natural in order for humans to understand the information easily.  Google is able to recognize content that is not written for users and is added only for search engines.  Google’s A1 tools allow them to differentiate between the two genres.
The longer the article, the more value it has as a ranking tool.  When writing posts today, we know that a 500-word post will not do the trick.  Most of our post articles are a minimum of 1,000 words. Neil Patel, a well-known SEO professional, is telling us that more content is better if we are expecting to be listed on Google’s top page.

An advertising budget for 2020:

This year it is imperative that all businesses consider an advertising budget to compete in this environment.  We see that many of our competitors are spending significant amounts of money on amazing new web design.  When starting a new business you really should consider a portion of the start-up cost to be for a professional website. If you search carefully you will find a cost-effective professional freelance individual to design your site.  Sometimes under extreme circumstances, you could sign up for a free WordPress theme or a WIX site.  We suggest this only for those having no money at all when starting a business.
Your brand is everything for start-up businesses.  You’ll need to look good enough to compete with others in your field.  A “free” site may not be the best choice for those wanting to look professional.  You will also need to consider blogging professionals and other SEO solutions such as paid advertising once the site has been published.

Prices for a new start-up site & page count:

A good price to consider would be from $1,500 to $5,000 based upon the amount of programming and design needed.  Fewer pages cost less. Keep the page amount low from five to ten pages is best.  It is also best to keep the page introductory text to less than 300 words for the home page.  For other pages, you may put additional text but keep in mind search engines rank content bloated sites less valuable.
Call our office at 407-405-4877 to discuss options and different packages for new sites.  We also are featuring a special for the New Year.
Thanks for stopping by and please hurry back for more about design and programming:
Happy New Year from Inside Design Orlando


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