Customer feedback will boost website success in 2020

Jan 7, 2020

In our fast-moving environment today it is important to remember that great customer feedback will bring greater success in 2020.  Every phone call, every meeting, and every connection you make online is adding credence to your online brand.  You will deliver either a good experience or a bad one.  As a business owner, your goal should always be to make friends, provide services requested quickly and efficiently.

Developing a marketing strategy:

To develop a successful marketing strategy and build customer feedback,  it is important to understand your target audience and fulfill their expectations.  Our team meets each year to discuss how we can improve our customer feedback strategy.  Once you determine the needs of your target audience, consider going above and beyond their expectations.
Offer your buyers an added benefit to sweeten the pot.  This will boost your brand and provide your customers with a pleasing online experience.  Statistics show that over 80 percent of those buying goods and services will pay more money when they enjoy an amazing customer experience on your website.  This marketing strategy will pay off by having these same consumers refer your company to others which improves your overall  ROI (Return On Investment).

Building customer relations:

Providing great customer relations is the key to improving your chances of receiving reciprocal work (new design projects).  We all choose to do business with those we trust and those that have been quick to respond to our every need. Your clients have many other options for their projects.  If you lose a client to another webmaster or web design firm it is usually due to bad customer service. Building a list of happy clients is the quickest way to build the business.
As you complete projects for your clients, be sure to ask for customer feedback.  We can’t stress enough how important it is to receive these accolades. It can be placed on your website in a specific “reviews” page or added to each page of the site.  Experience has taught us that visitors to the website “do” read all testimonials. Customer feedback is the best way for visitors to be sure your company is reliable and trustworthy.  We go so far as to allow our clients to speak to our other clients to ask about our services.  We are proud of our track record and depend upon good comments from past clients.
There is no award more valuable as to have a client happy with our work.

How to ask for customer feedback:

  • Add a customer feedback form to your site
  • Send a personal note to your client requesting feedback
  • Ask for a testimonial as you publish a new site

We find that asking a client to give us a testimonial when we launch the site works best.  They should be over the moon about their new site and if they are happy with your great customer service interaction they should be thrilled to offer a bit of good feedback.

Google referral program:

Since more and more of us are using our mobile phones to locate goods and services, we are suggesting that you set up a Google account right away.  Next, you would ask your best clients to send a client testimonial by following the link on the Google control panel.  Or, you can provide them with the link on an email.  This will help you to attract mobile business during the year.  Google five star reviews are the best feedback.
Caution:  There is a downside to setting up the Google referral program.  You must monitor this Google program.  If you receive negative feedback you must address it right away.  Some companies have received negative feedback (created by competitors) which is totally made up.  If this happens you can simply make a statement to let everyone know the negative information is not accurate, or that the client does not exist.

Using Google Analytics:

As you develop your yearly marketing strategy, Google Analytics should be a part of this strategy. Our design method includes adding Google Analytics to the source code of each website we develop.  This program helps our clients learn more about those that visit their site.  It will help to identify those areas of the website not performing at its best.
Once it is set up we can offer to monitor their Google Analytics software for them.  Another option is for them to learn the software and monitor the program themselves.
Finding out where your traffic is coming from allows you to beef up the areas of the site most often looked at and scale back on pages not needed, etc.   We find it very informative and allows our clients to continue to build their site brand around the areas most needed.

What customers expect from you:

To receive great customer feedback you must make sure you provide each and every one of your clients with a positive online experience as well as a comfortable business relationship.   If you will follow these suggestions your clients will want to stay with you.  They will be happy and loyal.
You should provide the following:

  • One-on-one, personal service providing information on any new smart technology
  • Keep their personal data secure and update their software related to their current site
  • Monitor their SEO progress and offer suggestions for improvement throughout the year
  • Alert your client whenever there is an issue with their site & resolve the problem
  • Provide a few “free” services each year. This will go a long way to keep your client happy
  • Keep their site updated and modern looking.  Offer a new re-design when needed

Fake customer feedback:

In the past, we have seen how some bad actors will attempt to use “fake” testimonials to gain favor with consumers.  They go so far as to list “fake” testimonials on their websites.  Be aware that in today’s climate, online shoppers are very savvy and will easily spot those testimonials that are not real.  Companies today offer email and phone numbers for consumers to check to make sure the feedback is legitimate.  So, we discourage those from using these negative tactics. Build your brand the right way by providing great customer service and a positive working relationship.  This will pay off with benefits to bring you success in 2020.

Conclusion:  Customer Feedback

Based on research and our experience with clients today, customer feedback is essential for those building an online business website. Stay tuned this month as we launch a new website for Orlando Metro Gymnastics and also for Florida Lawyers Support Services, Inc.  Two big reveals on the horizon.
Contact us for all things design and programming.
Have a great year ahead!  Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional
Inside Design Orlando,
an Orlando Website Company since 2001.


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