Color trends for web design training in 2020:  Combinations for success

Feb 6, 2020

This post will be discussing color trends for web design training in 2020.  As mentioned in a previous post, using color remains the silent salesperson enriching internet experiences.  This is proven to be true over and over as our Orlando Website Design team continues to build unique and beautiful sites. Choosing the right color palette could make or break website success.
Color trends for web design play a large role in attracting a target audience of buyers.  Color influences our everyday lives at work and at play.  As web developers, using colors creatively will benefit our clients’ ROI (Return On Investment).  Each visitor to their website will be left with a beautiful first impression.  This, in turn, will build a following and finally may convert the viewer to an actual buyer.

Considering a new logo or new branding?

Today, modern web development depends heavily on logo and branding material already in place. Web development and logo design are two different skill sets.  Web developers are multi-media professionals and programmers that build the website from the ground up.  They customize each layout based upon client requirements.
Logo designers are actual graphic artists that develop branding items such as your logo, brochure, business cards and other printed items for business identity.   Web developers will ask for your logo in a digital format to use for the new website.  If you do not have any logo in place or any branding you are currently using, this must be created first.  Your branding material should be in place, prior to moving forward with the web design.
First, contact a graphic artist and discuss your new logo and branding ideas.  The graphic artist will be able to determine what colors best represent your brand.  Once your new logo and branding are complete,  you may then and only then, move forward with hiring a web developer.  Your new branding will play a big role in your new concept and site layout.

Best web design color trends for business:

Business sites and those advertising goods and services might consider popular colors such as black, white, gray and blue tones.  Black is associated with confidence, but don’t overdo.  The color black can also represent darker emotions.  Less is best when we are using the color black.   Per the designers in the know, three colors should be used to create perfect harmony.  The primary color should be used on about 60 percent of the site while the other colors can be implemented creatively throughout the site.

Using black and white:

Black and white sites are visually appealing and growing this year in popularity.  For business sites, the color white represents new beginnings, while the color black is considered trustworthy and sophisticated.  Adding a touch of grey or blue adds interest to the overall project.  Here is an example of a website just published using a black and white theme with grey and blue tones added for interest.
Avoid using the color black on website pages with lots of content.  Some viewers have trouble reading white text on a black background.  On the contrary, the color black can be used successfully as a background featuring images or specific graphics of interest.  Professional photographers and artists love the color black to feature their prized images and art.

The web design color trend of blue for business sites:

Many of our small business clients go for the web design color trend of blue because they consider it a “cool color for business.”   Blue is regarded as a color that is trustworthy and a professional choice for many marketing campaigns. Raoul Dufy, French Painter remarks and I quote, “blue is the only color which maintains its own character in all its tones.”  On the color wheel, blue is mentioned as one of the primary colors.  A complementary color to blue could be orange or yellow.
Web designers use the color blue for many business websites since it is versatile, and instantly inspires a feeling of calm.  Blue is a vibrant color choice and it is easy to see why many business clients and web developers choose the color blue for their websites.

The color red for website design:

We all know to be very careful when we use the color red for business designs.  The color red represents power and is able to hold the viewer’s attention.  It is highly regarded for restaurants and business sites selling food because it is known to enhance appetite.  Red can bring success for any marketing campaign by invoking emotion.  Red is used in entertainment websites and those sites needing a special pop of vibrancy.

Inside Design Orlando News:

Congratulations to Orlando Metro Gyms on their beautiful new web design just published last week.  The Orlando Metro Gym has four locations in Central Florida, Lake Mary, L.B. McLeod Road, Avalon Park, and Baldwin Park location.   Their new website features a great video presentation as you enter the site and features many areas of expertise in their field of gymnastics.  They are the proud winners of many awards throughout the country and offer swim lessons and even a course for those students looking for the Ninja genre.
Orlando Metro Gyms offer parents a safe place to have their kids after school while they enjoy a learning experience at the same time.  We wish Elena and the staff a great year ahead and wish to thank them for trusting us with their new website re-design.
Holiday Coachlines in Central Florida has requested a new re-design this year and it is now in the works.  We will be launching their new site by Valentine’s Day.  We encourage our current clients to have their sites re-designed as often as every two years to take advantage of the new smart technology which changes like the wind.
Thanks for stopping by today.  Contact our team on web design and SEO training.  We hope our tips are helping you to be independent webmasters.  We will suggest things you can do yourself to improve your site.
Happy Valentines Day to our followers and friends.
Jean Holland-Rose, Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional
Inside Design Orlando (An Orlando Website Design Company since 2001)


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