Why hire an outside SEO tech for business websites?

Mar 12, 2020

The online competition today is very daunting for small business websites.  It is not easy to boost visibility and compete with the many options available for those searching the web.  But most all agree that if the budget allows it is a smart decision to hire an outside SEO tech.

Gaining popularity online starts with developing a great looking website, full of functional and modern elements.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Along with the visual appeal of the site more is needed.  Keeping your site SEO ready requires you to publish quality copy, manage your social media presence, keep your site software updated and stay aware of any new Google algorithms.

If you are a busy company you may have no free time to manage your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in-house.  That’s where we come in.  We can offer a couple of SEO packages that are affordable and will allow you to be free of this daunting chore (in-house).

We have three SEO packages to consider and monthly plans to suit all budgets. We stay current on all SEO techniques being used to improve website rankings in the SERPs.  Most employees do not have the extra time available to keep up with smart technology changes.  SEO technicians work solely on changes as they occur online so they are the best choice when it comes to keeping the site updated and optimized.  When you are ready to hire an outside SEO tech, please contact us.  We can suggest options for you.

Submitting the site to search engines:

It is smart to submit your site to search engines to get noticed.  However, before we submit a site to be crawled by search engine “spiders” we fist make sure the site is complete.  Some clients have made the mistake of submitting their site to search engines before it was finished.  This is a mistake.  Make sure the website is completed and is professionally developed by competent web designers.  Part of our SEO package is to submit the website on your behalf.   This is done after we are sure your source code is correct and all pages of the site have relevant titles, longtail keywords, and page descriptions.  We also check to make sure all images have “alt” tags completed for search engine notice.
Submitting your site to a search engine company does not guarantee any rank or position in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Remember there are many thousands of new sites listed daily.  You will be put into a cue waiting for the search engines to scan and rank the site.  Be patient and if at all possible have your SEO technician submit the site for you, as part of the SEO maintenance plan.

Our basic WordPress Maintenance package – $79.95 per month

This basic plan is very cost-effective and it is used primarily to update the security elements of your website.  WordPress (as an example) is always updating their security software versions.   Outdated plugins are not included in the latest search engine reports.  To continue to have a great rank in Google, your security settings, as well as software plugins, must be kept current.

Our most cost-effective basic SEO plan includes site backup for the WordPress website as well as the database.  Sites that are not backed up and kept current are the first websites to be hacked.  Diverting these hacking disasters is important to keep your company site running smoothly.  They are rare but as a precaution, we do backup the site regularly. Should this hacking occur, we can use the most current backup version to reinstall the site and you can continue with your work as usual. The backup version of your website is stored in a special folder on your hosting server that can be easily retrieved and used as needed.

WordPress Professional SEO plan – $149.95 per month

The WordPress Professional plan includes all of the features in the basic WordPress Maintenance package.  In addition, Google Analytics coding is installed on your site and we monitor that monthly to determine the effectiveness of the website. 

Google Analytics: The coding allows for tracking page views, visitor actions like what pages they visit and when they leave your site, etc. This information is used to guide visitors of your website to the page(s) that will get clients to contact you or make a purchase. Further actions are taken that may improve the visitor experience and ROI (return on investment). This is done for each page of the site.  This helps to identify the most popular pages on the website.  This information is helpful when we are considering adding new pages or elements not already present. 

Google Search Console: Google Analytics coding also gathers important information regarding how your site is doing in the search engine listings. Using the Google Search Console your site is monitored to determine what terms are being used in Google searches to lead users to your website. 

Because we are mobile-first designers, we optimize all views for search engine visibility.  The Search Console tracks the number of website pages listed on particular search strings.  For instance, you might find your site in position 45 for a particular search string but have a position of 2 for a different search string.  Using this information is used to target particular search strings to improve your position in the search results.

Conclusion:  Hire an outside SEO tech:

One of these affordable SEO packages is the perfect choice for small businesses.  Contact us to learn more.  We are advertising these two SEO packages this month since we are receiving inquires about hiring an outside SEO tech.  Many of our clients were trying to handle the SEO on their own and find it to be a daunting task.  We are here to help so reach out and we’ll discuss your needs.

Inside Design Orlando (News & Views) for March:

We are working hard on the new re-design for Dr. Krista Marchman, psychologist here in Orlando.  Here current site has served her well for the past five years, but it is outdated and in dire need of an update and content refresh.  She and her staff are looking forward to the new look and the new functionality which will be available on their new re-design.  The most important change will be the fact that we are using the mobile-first design strategy to build the new site.  The mobile view will feature fewer images and well-developed copy to attract online users.  The elements on the new mobile view will feature more call to action elements which make it easy for mobile users to search the site.  Stay tuned for the big reveal later this month.

Stay safe this month:  The Coronavirus Virus

With the Coronavirus spreading, we want to caution all of you to stay safe and do all of the things that help to keep you safe.  Wash hands often, and take precautions if you plan on visiting relatives or traveling by plane.  This is good advice for all of us no matter what the environment.  Our government is working hard to come up with ways to keep us safe and offer us avenues to get tested and get treatment if necessary.  Our hearts are sad for those who have contracted this virus and we pray for their health to improve quickly.
Thanks for stopping by and hurry back for more news from the Design Wizards at Inside Design Orlando.  Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day and visit our site often.
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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