Can business websites survive during this pandemic?

Mar 20, 2020

Needless to say, we are all worried about our business websites during this pandemic.  We are all concerned about how our online businesses can survive during this pandemic.  When will this end and how can we once again return to normal.  The main thing we must do is to pay close attention to any guidelines available from medical professionals.  I just spoke to one of my bloggers and she was concerned that she had not heard from some of her clients.  I suggested she just blog as usual.
This could be a great opportunity to work hard and bring rankings to a new level.  We suggest that our team continue to blog and publish great information online.  We are all in the dark when it comes to what will happen tomorrow.  We all hope this will be over soon and we can get back to normal.  But in the meantime, it is a good idea to use the time wisely and keep a good attitude.
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Communication and self-improvement are possible during the pandemic:

Stay connected with your clients as much as you can, asking them to communicate with you virtually with any questions or concerns.  Since all of us are working from home it makes sense that we can look at new ways to improve our businesses and our lives.  We have been accepting many reciprocal projects while this pandemic is keeping people at home.
As long as we respect the guidelines and keep from being too near others we can walk safely and benefit from the experience.  Stay at least six feet away from all other people. If you are someone you know is ill they should immediately seek medical advice.  Stay out of the public.  Remember when you com inside wash your hands often and do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth.  Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds using soap and hot water.  Keep all surfaces in your home clean and safe.
Client meetings can be arranged on Facetime to stay current with business requirements.  We offer several SEO training courses each month and we can do this by Facetime.  Our training classes are available on Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the month.  Contact us for information on the next SEO class.

Brick and mortar shops closing:

While the brick and mortar shops may be closing, we can still keep our online avenues open by keeping our websites updated and available for those needing an online option for ordering goods and services. FEMA has recently stated that they firmly believe that at least 40 percent of all companies will be able to survive this pandemic.
Once it ends, we will want our online websites to be in good working order and up to date.

Why some businesses survive:

  • Many older companies with plenty of financial resources survive because they are prepared
  • Companies with more experience in their industry fare better based upon their knowledge
  • Those larger companies with more employees have the advantage to survive the pandemic
  • Companies that have survived natural disasters in the past bounce back quicker
  • Stronger brands survive those weaker brands just starting out

Why some companies do not survive:

  • Businesses run by owners (with little financial backup)
  • It was noted that businesses located closer to the coast tend to close first
  • Those businesses not located near the coast seem to fare better in a catastrophe
  • Startups tend to panic quicker than companies who have experienced trials before
  • Companies run by veterans, minorities, and women do not survive after a catastrophe

Preparing and being pro-active helps businesses survive:

Depending upon the area of the country you live in plays a large role in surviving natural disasters.  For example, if your target audience is Florida make sure you prepare for seasonal storms that normally affect businesses in this climate.  Establish the correct insurance to cover losses and put this additional expense into the budget each year to be pro-active in protecting your investment in your small business.

The Coronavirus pandemic we are facing today:

This is the first time most of us alive today have ever seen a pandemic like the one we are facing.  The main financial cost will be to continue to keep as many employees as possible by being able to pay them weekly.  Businesses that have the financial ability to carry these employees through the crisis will most likely be able to get up and running quickly when it is over.  The government is talking about subsidizing the salaries so this will help.  But at the end of the day as a small business, we must be prepared to do our part.
Standard insurance that covers natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, etc., will not help us with this pandemic.  To cover the interruption in our businesses, we must be prepared to come up with new ways to prevent the damage.  Once the worst has passed, we do expect to quickly recover.  With this said, there will be many businesses that will not re-open their shops and will go under during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Be prepared and create an emergency plan:

To cover catastrophes, every business should consider a disaster emergency plan.  The one greatest thing we are learning with this Coronavirus pandemic is that we must be prepared.  Get together with your team once this is over and work on developing a plan of action.  Decide on a strategy that works best for your specific business.  Work on developing all options for the catastrophe response.
Create a program on your computer to collect important phone numbers, suppliers, emergency management agencies and all financial options.  This will help to keep the employees from being left without a paycheck.  The fewer employees you lose the better.  Most of those employees who are let go will not return.  Instead, they will find other options.  Finding good people who have your best interest at heart is no easy task.  Keeping your best people will ensure you can get back to normal business when the crisis is averted.
Here are a few suggestions to cover in your preparedness plan:

  • Establish an evacuation plan
  • Know your risks and share with all employees
  • Put together an emergency kit to cover workplace accidents
  • Backup all critical data needed for your business
  • Keep a good list of emergency numbers and contacts
  • Get to know what your company insurance covers.

Conclusion … Business websites can survive during this pandemic:

Our clients who run small businesses have found they can indeed work at home, teach the kids at home and spend time improving themselves as well.  We are all concentrating more on getting out in the fresh air and walking to stay healthy.  As you walk in your neighborhood, avoid all close contact with others.   This is especially important for those older people who are most likely to get sick and are going to find it harder to overcome the virus.
That’s it for today.  But keep in touch as we build new websites and offer you great design packages this year.  We are all in this together so we will work strongly together and come out of this better than ever before.  Stay connected for all things design and programming.
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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