New online marketing strategies for the Coronavirus era

Apr 7, 2020

Because most of the country is shopping online today, we need to re-think how we are doing business.  We need to come up with new online marketing strategies for the Coronavirus era.  We have plenty of time on our hands and since the Coronavirus could last a few more weeks let’s get to it.  Many of our client’s companies are suffering and wondering what will be left when they are back up and running (if they are able to snap back).  Many of them will not be able to return.
For those companies who may be returning to the online market, we are suggesting they use this free time wisely.  Knowing that most people want to remain safe at home and are not going into brick and mortar shops is an obvious advantage for our online companies.  Re-do your websites to offer the best elements available.

Clients re-inventing themselves:

What a great time to re-invent your business model.  We are always surprised at how creative and talented our clients are during times of crisis.  They are finding their normal websites might need updating to work during this pandemic.  This leads them to consider other businesses or using their current websites to offer new ways to serve their clients during the Coronavirus era.
For example, our wedding vendors cannot sell their services for large groups today.  But they can use their talents and their skills in other ways.  Musicians are offering online music lessons.  One of our DJs has started his own record label.  Realtors are offering new online services for their clients to view new homes.  The ideas are unlimited for those looking for alternatives.

Provide your services differently:

We are all thinking out of the box and offering our normal services differently.  Most restaurants are now offering home delivery to keep their kitchens open.  They are also sending weekly deals online to their customers and developing new customers as well to stay ahead of the competition. As web designers, we are offering special savings on new websites and re-designs during the pandemic.

Stay in touch with your target audience:

The absolute worst thing you could do is to avoid your target audience.  They need to know you are still in business and are willing to come up with new ways to work.  Continue sending newsletters and stay in front of your audience.  Ask how they are doing and offer help when it is warranted.   Stay flexible and open to new ideas.
As Americans, we are not only independent and talented, we are also resourceful.  Coming up with new and exciting ways to do business can open new doors never considered before.  Staying positive and looking for new opportunities is the best way for all of us to make it through this challenging time.  And of course, at the same time follow all guidelines to be safe and to keep our loved ones safe as well.  We will survive.

Improving e-commerce sites:

Use this free time to consider re-designing your sites or to set up an e-commerce site.  We are available to assist you in bringing your vision to reality.  Our one-time fee for setting up an e-commerce site is only $1,295.  Once it is complete we offer a training class for you to feel comfortable with your site and manage it on a daily basis yourself.
Every e-commerce site should load as quickly as possible.  If your site navigation is slow, your customer will leave the site looking for a faster loading site. Another suggestion is to make sure each product or image has at least a couple of great reviews.  Customer reviews do work and most of us consider these reviews when looking for items online.  We want to know we are buying from a brand with proven reliability.

Larger images get rave reviews:

If you are selling items online increase the size of the images to offer a clearer view of the product.  Consider using a 3d visualization plugin that would enhance the look of the item.  This will increase sales by allowing the viewer to look at every angle of the item before making the purchase.

Ad links and product honesty:

Ad link extensions will help consumers answer all of their questions about the product.  The link will lead the viewer to specific pages of the site to clear up concerns they may have.  Your ad will be user friendly and complete.  Ad links will also improve your ROI (Return On Investment).
With all questions answered, they will be more apt to buy your product.  Be cautious about the information given.  Never make any claim which is not the truth.  Staying honest and offering the best information you can is the best policy.  This will serve to develop loyal customers who will refer your product and make future purchases.

Standing behind every e-commerce purchase:

I don’t know about you but most of our customers look for money-back guarantees today.  If a company cannot stand behind every purchase, many of us won’t consider a purchase.  This will assure the consumer their product will show up as advertised, and they can return it for any reason.  For example, the product may arrive damaged, it could be shipped incorrectly, be the wrong size or just not what they imagined.  Whatever the concern, a money-back guarantee is always a way to improve your sales.
Thanks for stopping by today.  We hope you and yours will stay safe during this Coronavirus pandemic.  Take the time to smell the roses while you are working hard to come up with those exciting opportunities to re-invent your life (for this short period of time).  We may find that this period of time in our lives has made us stop long enough to be thankful for all we have and for those that love us.
Hurry back for more from the Design Wizards at Inside Design Orlando.  Contact us for your next design project.  We are offering a twenty (20) percent discount on all projects during this pandemic.  Let’s discuss a new way to work smart, a new re-design or that first website project.  It will be ready in time for this to be over and for you to move forward with a new vision for the future.
Best regards,
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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