Opening up America’s economy and how it affects website creators

Apr 17, 2020

As America wakes up today, we are looking forward to the re-opening of the American economy.  This re-opening will certainly affect online website businesses.  This means that for website creators we are especially impacted.

Brick and mortar shops:

Some of our biggest brick and mortar stores such as Apple, Macy’s and others will have to decide one by one when to re-open and how to accomplish this.  Some of these stores are following the global model and many of these brick and mortar stores seem ok with following their lead.  This may fall apart as some stores open and others are held back.
America is a very competitive country and we are independent and fierce.  Once store owners see other peers bringing in the big bucks and having the advantage of the opening, they may all come around.  With the new Federal guidelines, it is our hope that slowly, but surely, stores and businesses will learn to deal with the new environment.  When this happens and America’s economy opens again, it will also support us as website creators.

A move toward entertainment:

Many larger malls are considering adding more and more entertainment options which could be replacing department stores that can do better online.  Many of the smaller shops will not survive unless they re-invent themselves using a different economic model.  As an online business, we might imagine that the advantage is on our side.  That may be the case in some situations but unfortunately, marketing and advertising entrepreneurs are affected as well.  This, in turn, affects our industry.  Some may question whether or not the actual department store is even needed.  They are also questioning whether or not they need our services. These conversations are taking place all over America and beyond.

How our web design company is impacted during the COVID19:

During the outbreak of this pandemic (COVID19), there have been many marketing agencies as well as website design companies that have experienced a dramatic slowing down of their businesses.  Web design clients are adversely affected by the Coronavirus.  The need for web design and SEO assistance has largely been eliminated,  There are many other factors that come into play such as layoffs and other situations that also affect our clients and they are extremely careful about where they spend money.

Marketing firms stop looking for new work:

Many design firms have stopped accepting new initiatives and have postponed any new product launches.  We are still accepting residual work making changes, etc.  However, many of our associate designers are suddenly faced with no work due to this new environment.  As webmasters, we are still in demand keeping websites updated and adding residual information to the sites.  Some of our clients are also considering this a great time to add new pages and to re-invent themselves.  Some are going in a completely new direction and are using this time wisely to come up with new ideas.  But all of us will be happy when this slowdown is over.
When the pandemic first got started it began to affect us in early March of 2020.  We were in the midst of designing several new sites and one of them was a site promoting the tourist and travel industry.  Once the cruise industry came to a screeching halt, so did the need to continue with the project.  We have heard from many of our strategic partners for multi-media design and they are also facing a tremendous drop in business.

Our future when America opens again:

We can expect normal clients and future clients out there in Coronavirus land to return when the country returns to normal business.  That is when they will look for new projects.  They are wanting to reduce spending at this time and this directly affects our website design industry.  They are not spending money on SEO work, programming, and new re-design work.  Some businesses will simply close down while others will find new ways to get work done themselves.

Marketing and advertising industry traffic:

The pandemic has adversely affected the marketing and advertising industries.  Our organic traffic has all but stopped in its tracks.  Our lives have been initially put on hold while this Coronavirus is driving everything.  The big question is can we recover once this is over.  Can we start to pick up organic traffic and will consumers again look to marketing and advertising vendors “like ourselves” for new projects?  The jury is out but we are hopeful that our marketing and online businesses can survive.
Thanks for stopping by and hurry back for more next time.
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