For Small Businesses, Growth and Survival in the Age of COVID-19

Jun 1, 2020

This week’s blog post has been created for small businesses and is all about how growth and survival go hand in hand in the Age of COVID-19.  This pandemic has brought on so many difficulties for just about everyone, including entrepreneurs and independent workers.
No doubt, the most pressing challenge you’re facing today is keeping your operations afloat, while at the same time, also having to think about attracting new business and growing as a whole. Indeed, it’s truly a lot to handle, and it’s not for the faint of heart.
But of course, it’s well within your capacity to tackle hurdles as they happen, which, though difficult, are not at all insurmountable.

Steps we should take:  Changes Are Inevitable

Change is constant for small businesses,  and yet nothing could’ve prepared the owners for the changes that have been imposed by the pandemic. Indeed, the survival of many businesses is now hanging by a thread, and if you want to ensure that you come out on the winning side, you’ll have to adapt accordingly.  With that being said, there is always hope for a great future ahead.
● Adapting your work and business to the age of COVID-19 requires a holistic approach that re-examines various aspects of how you operate.
Innovation to accommodate new client habits and elevate the customer experience (to name a few) is arguably the best way forward.
Responsible marketing is also a must at this time, as public emotions are high and nerves are frayed.
● Above all, you must always work on providing value.

The New Normal in Doing Business

COVID-19 has put an end to in-person meetings and interviews for small businesses practically overnight. But the truth is, business acquisition and retention have been moving toward the digital world for some time now. Indeed, this “new normal” is inevitable — maybe even overdue — and your business’ survival and growth hinge on knowing how to navigate this new terrain.
● Building and maintaining client relationships are now more important than ever as many businesses and individuals are hesitant to commit to new contracts.
● This isn’t to say that new clients can’t be had; the best online job boards are always great sources for potential clients.
● And don’t forget to make efficient use of your social media network.

Your Setup for Success:

With new ways of doing business, you also want to be sure that you have the right set up to take them in stride. From essential tools to productive habits to the importance of a home office, you need to have appropriate elements in place to endure.
● Working remotely is becoming the most practical way to do business in the age of social distancing, creating a home office is truly a step that will serve you well.
● You need to keep your arsenal of tools populated with essential remote working apps, as well, as to keep you productive and efficient, and your output, high-quality.
● Having a solid routine will also keep you focused as you work from home.

Additional Resources:

There’s more to keeping yourself afloat in the time of COVID-19 than just relying on your business smarts and merits. The more you know about the resources available today that you can leverage, the more likely that you’ll receive the assistance you truly need.
● As a small business owner, check your eligibility for grants and other funding for some much-needed financial relief.
● Explore various federal, state, and local assistance and relief options specifically for small businesses.
Legal advice is also available for small businesses that need it.
Ultimately, getting your operations to survive COVID-19 all boils down to grit, hard work, and flexibility, which, as a small business owner, you likely already have in spades. Focusing on growth and finding new business will all but ensure your survival through the pandemic and even in the years to come, so that’s something to work toward and look forward to.

Orlando Website Design News & Views:

A special thanks to Derek Goodman from  Derek and his team created the great blog post featured today.

New websites in progress and launched in May of 2020:

Congratulations to Signature Janitorial Services, a new client site just launched in the past week.  We know the team will enjoy the new site and use it to improve their SERPs results this year. Our design wizards at Inside Design Orlando are now also welcoming two new clients, Safe Slider & Amfund Associates.
We are working on their sites now and will be launching them in the near future.  We hope all of you have a happy month of June ahead and welcome our warm Florida breezes by enjoying the great outdoors. Until next time:
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