Tech Skills Wanted by Companies

Jun 15, 2020

Tech skills wantedIf you are going to invest in a new future, it is better to do so knowing your effort will pay off. Betting a sure thing like learning new tech skills wanted by companies.  This new tech skill will land you a better job. You can learn a new skill as short as a few weeks with an online course or coding boot camps. Even though companies constantly hire tech professionals, not all skills are in high demand at all times.
This year, for example, the pandemic has changed how we work, study, and commute. Companies that have online stores, delivery services, and remote team management tools have seen a spike in demand. These are skills that are in high demand right now and have been for a few years now.

Data Science:

Data science is the tech branch that studies data. Data scientists do the mining, processing, training, testing, and visualization of data. These professionals utilize algorithms to create value from data. They also find how to best present the results found to company stakeholders. Those proficient in data science have to have skills in statistics, math, and machine learning. Especially in statistics as almost all algorithms are designed to make predictions. With all these abilities, a data scientist can use data to get insights, patterns, and more.
Users generate data all the time, almost everyone has at least one device connected to the internet. Even when you are not online, it generates data. Global companies use this data for value and to profit, all thanks to those insights. That’s why data scientists are high paying jobs. All big tech giants like Google or Facebook are pioneers in this niche.  These are all tech skills wanted by companies today.
If you want to become a data scientist you could enroll in Flatiron School’s data science course. It is available on the campus in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, as well as online. The data science course takes 15 weeks in full-time modality. Students will learn Python, SQL, statistics, A/B testing, linear regressions, big data, deep learning, and much more. Flatiron School offers the option to make upfront payments, ISA, or loan financing, and if students haven’t found a job six months after graduating, they get a refund.

Product Management:

Product managers are the leaders during a product’s lifecycle as they coordinate all the processes that are included in the creation, testing, and launch of the product. In this case, the product is a software, platform, or application. In the tech industry, product managers must not only be familiar with planning strategies, the market, and how to coordinate activities, but they must also be familiar with the software development cycle.
There are many job openings for product management positions in the tech industry. Generally, developers specialize in the technical aspects of creating a product but they don’t know about all the other aspects like marketing strategy and research.
Thinkful offers a thorough product management course that takes six months to complete in part-time modality. While in the course, you will learn the best practices and approaches to the product life cycle, building products, and launching and iterating with user feedback. Students can enroll with upfront payments, loan financing, ISA, or monthly installments. And a plus is that students can start for free for two weeks to explore the experience.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence is a multi-disciplinary science dictating the possibility to make machines think like humans. However, this technology is still far from making sentient robots. What AI technology can do right now is be developed into chat boxes, strategy games, and digital assistants. AI has many areas of specialization like machine learning, deep learning, cognitive intelligence, big data, robotics, text, visual, and voice recognition, among others.
AI is a topic so large that its application is featured in almost every industry from manufacturing, hospitality, and entertainment. The development of hardware and software over the past few years has permitted AI technology to advance like never before. This fact opens many opportunities for people with this skill.
This is a skill you can easily obtain from an online course. The Data Incubator offers an AI with TensorFlow and Kera course and an applied machine learning online course. The AI course lasts just three weeks and it teaches neural networks, deep learning, and TensorFlow. The Data Incubator accepts upfront payments and loan financing options for students to enroll.

App Development:

Mobile application development has become a very popular tech professional with the boom of smartphones. Ten years ago smartphones were a new trend and not everybody had access to one. Now almost anyone has a smartphone or any other smart device. And developers are the professionals creating apps that make our phone so useful. An app developer can specialize in front-end, back-end, or just be a full-stack developer.
Because companies want to reach their audience to see where they spend more time, almost any company in any industry has a mobile app. Plus, society is used to constant innovation by now, and its members expect the same for all devices. So, mobile app developers will always be needed to provide that innovation.
A good option to become app development is to attend the Hack Reactor’s Full-stack app development course. Students will learn about back-end and front-end development plus the process of deployment and testing a mobile application. The course lasts 12 weeks if students enroll full-time, and 36 weeks for part-time modality. Its graduates have an average salary of $90K and work for companies like Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Paypal, and Apple.

In Conclusion:

With technology taking over more parts of our lives, each year the demand for tech professionals only increases. This means good news for tech professionals because no matter what skill you have, as long as you stay up to date with new tools, you will have job opportunities as you learn the individual tech skills wanted by companies.  Learning data science, product management, artificial intelligence, or app development, you will almost ensure a future in the tech industry.
Article by Guest Blogger, Artur Meyster
Founder of Career Karma


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