How to set up a blog for business to boost SEO success

Jul 7, 2020

Today we will be discussing how to set up a blog for business which will boost SEO rank and improve your ROI (Return on Investment).  Whether you have a small business site or an e-Commerce store, adding a blog to the site can certainly increase your chances to rank well in the SERPs which is short for “search engine results pages.”  To get started you will need to register a domain name and purchase web hosting if you don’t already have this.

Choosing a WordPress platform is a smart move:

Using a WordPress theme for your business website is (in our humble opinion) the best choice for those setting up a blog for business.  WordPress allows you to easily customize and edit the overall look and feel of your blog pages.  This will really come in handy as you add images that add interest to your blog articles. The blogging platform for your brand will be full of great articles about your industry.  In essence, you’ll be a reporter who is adding newsworthy “trending news and views.”

How much time does it take to blog consistently?

To blog consistently you will need to have some skill for writing and researching topics.  You’ll also have to love writing since most bloggers spend about thirty hours per month blogging.  If this is you then there is no problem.  However, if you have no writing skills and need to spend every minute working on your brand and selling your product or service you will need to hire outside help.
As you add articles you will also want to increase your categories to keep your target audience happy and coming back for more.  Adding blog categories means you’ll be increasing your list of longtail keywords.  This will elevate your rank even further.  We suggest that you add at least 8 to 10 categories which will allow the readers to find content easily.  Medical facilities may want to add many more based upon their many different areas of practice.

Improving your SEO blog articles:

By blogging consistently, you will also want to consider optimizing your blog.   The first thing to consider is keyword research which will help you become popular with search engines like Google and others.  This research is needed if you plan on competing with the top contenders.  It is a technique used by content writers and SEO experts around the globe.  It helps you to identify topics most requested by those searching the web.  It also helps you to connect the dots based upon search engine data.  The right keywords drive visitors to your website.  They use keywords from your site to find you.

Keyword researchLongtail keyword research:

Let’s talk “longtail keywords.”  Longtail keywords are phrases that contain keywords rather than an individual word.  They are three and four keyword phrases that are specific to what you are offering on your business website.  The customer will use these keywords in a search to determine where to find what they are searching for.  As you blog consistently we suggest you use a software called Yoast.  This software helps you learn to optimize your blog articles.  Yoast encourages you to use longtail keywords and just how important they are for site conversion rates.

Avoid duplicate content (be original):

When we discuss duplicate content we are seeing that many clients are just too busy to create new content so they go out on the web and find content to use on their site.  This, unfortunately, can be the kiss of death for your business website and blog.  Duplicate content can easily be picked up by search engines as being located in more than one place. Although there is no technical penalty, this duplicate content can squash your search engine ranking.  Search engines cannot determine which content is original and which is not.  Therefore they may choose to bypass the content for the more original text from other websites.  Not only will your rank suffer from this, but your traffic will decline as well.
Please remember that inbound links are a ranking factor.  The duplicate content could contain the very same links.  Because of this if the search engines can’t determine which content is original and which links were added first.  This will force them to bypass your site content and your website will be impacted negatively by using this duplicate content.
It is always better to use good content marketing skills by creating original content to add to the blog page and for all pages of the business website.  There are content writers available if you are unable to do this yourself.  Content marketing can make or break your site so please keep this in mind when you consider any “duplicate” content.
Here are a few additional tips to make sure your website and blog page will place well in the SERPs.

  • Optimize all images used in posts
  • Link to social media to improve your reach
  • Add valuable links to other relevant websites

Setting up a blog page on your business website will boost your SEO results if you follow the suggestions within this post.  Once you begin to add blog posts you do have to be patient.  The search engines want to see how consistent your posting habits are.  If they see you post only a few articles and stop, then you will not receive a good rank and maintain that rank.  There are plenty of competitors waiting in the wings to take your place.

Inside Design Orlando News:

Congratulations to the team at Finesse Electrical, Inc.  Their new site is now online and available for their clients and visitors.  We appreciate all of our clients and are happy to still be welcoming new clients during this pandemic era.  Amfund is in progress and Sniffnstop as well.  They will be launched by August of 2020.   A special thanks to all of our clients and friends for sticking with us through the hard times of COVID-19.  We are seeing more and more of our clients opening their doors here in Florida and welcome them back.
Contact us for a new re-design this year.  We have three great competitive design packages to choose from.
Enjoy the summer breezes and stay safe as always til next time.
Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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