Web design and business recovery in the age of COVID-19

Aug 14, 2020

To keep up with the changing times, businesses including our web design company must adjust to the age of COVID-19.   Business recovery during the age of COVID-19 has been challenging.  It has become necessary for all of us to connect with our new normal.  Additionally, TV, radio, and online advertisers are having to (in some instances) re-invent themselves to fit the needs of today.

The fragility of businesses during COVID-19

Recovery during this Pandemic has been slow for many small business owners.  Many businesses had only enough cash on hand to last a few weeks when the Pandemic hit the United States.  Those that had more revenue to fall back on however was able to be more optimistic.  Slowly they were able to re-open in states that had little outbreak.  They were able to move on and pick up the pieces.  But the business recovery in the age of COVID-19 has been difficult and for some of us, it has been impossible to recover.

How long will the Pandemic last?

When businesses first closed their doors, many expected the business to be closed for a maximum of two to three months.  Unfortunately, however, the duration of how long to stay closed varied greatly around the country.  It has become almost impossible to predict how long the Pandemic will affect us.  Some businesses are reporting that they won’t be able to open until a safe vaccine is found and that could be a long as six months from now.

In-Person business  needing face-to-face contact:

A business that has to greet consumers face-to-face to sell their services was impacted worse than others who could work virtually.   Retail operations and some industry operations were hit hardest.  They did not fare well during the age of COVID-19.  Web Design Companies are able to work virtually so we are less impacted.  However, many of our clients (themselves) are shut down so we do feel the effects of this Pandemic along with everyone else.

How important are government stimulus programs?

It has been reported that over 70 percent of business owners consider taking advantage of all stimulus programs provided and especially the paycheck protection program  (the PPE) which is a part of the CARES Act.  This money received by business owners will allow them to keep their loyal employees.  Further, the money received does not have to be paid back as long as it is used to keep employees on the payroll.  This is a win-win for any business owner struggling to keep their business afloat.

Some businesses will not be able to survive:

The fate of those who work for businesses around the country is directly tied to the impact of the COVID-19.  Some businesses are resilient where others are not.  But in the end, it will lead to millions of jobs being lost and businesses closing for good.

Web design companies (our prospects for the future):

During the age of COVID-19, most web design companies are receiving an uptick in demand for new websites and for re-designs.  Beyond the fact that many of our clients are hurting and have shut their doors, many of them are taking this downtime as an opportunity to re-design their websites and to add e-commerce to their platforms.  We do have a great advantage of being able to work in a virtual environment, having little or no direct contact with clients.  We also use Facetime and other online features to communicate with clients.
With this new normal, there is also an increased need for designers with a vast array of today’s smart tech skills.  Needed today are coders and those with cybersecurity backgrounds. These multi-media technicians are in great demand today with the high demand for online goods and services.  Websites featuring e-commerce platforms depend upon a skilled programmer to keep the site working properly and loading quickly and efficiently.

How are we adjusting?

None of us are aware of how long this pandemic will continue.  But we all must adjust to the new isolation and worries that come along with the day to day operations of our businesses. During the age of COVID-19, online shopping is now the new normal for many Americans (keeping them safe at home).  They can order any items needed for living in a lockdown situation.

The future of businesses under COVID-19:

We cannot predict with any certainty about the future of COVID-19 and when the virus will be completely under control.   The recovery of our businesses will depend upon this outcome and in the meantime, we must change the way we worked before to adjust to our new normal with COVID-19.  It is easily spread and the good news is that seems to affect those over 65 worse than younger citizens.  There are many businesses that will not be able to return.
As we all know even one death matters and we must go forward fighting to get a vaccine that will help us all go back to a normal way of life.  As it compares to the SARS virus, it looks like we can get to a vaccine quicker for COVID-19.  And when the vaccine is administered,  about 60 to 70 percent of the population needs to be immune to stop the spread.  In other words, we must reach what is referred to as “herd immunity”.

Scenarios for COVID-19:

Most medical folks are reporting that with the current waves and other infections popping up in different areas of the country, the COVID-19 will most likely diminish sometime in 2021.  Another possibility is that the virus will produce a larger wave of cases over the fall and winter similar to the flu of 1918.  Still another scenario suggests that the initial wave of infections in the spring might be followed by other cases which do not follow any pattern.
This is a situation that is fluid and we all must do what we can to be safe by practicing safe distancing from others, washing your hands frequently and wearing a mask where it is needed.  Older Americans should stay at home as much as possible.  We will get through this together.  Hang in there America!!
Hurry back for more next time.  Follow Inside Design Orlando and contact our team for everything design and programming.
Stay tuned for two great new client websites due to be launched in the next week. Our clients know they can count on us in this challenging time for quick and efficient website services.
Ramona Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer & SEO Professional


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