How to design a website that brings real results in 2020

Sep 14, 2020

Every business today needs a results-oriented website. Each client has different needs and attracting new business is not always the purpose of the site.  Some clients use their websites to show others that they are relevant and are players in their field of business.  Our team refers to this as a “calling card site.”  It is primarily used for relevancy and to show entities that their brand is professional and a player in a specific field.  Other website purposes could include:

  • informational
  • educational
  • gaming
  • portfolio
  • landing page sites (one page)
  • selling online (e-commerce)
  • medical sites
  • business websites
  • news
  • blogs
  • social networks

The sites that are most popular this year are WordPress sites since they are easy for clients to manage after they are published.  This is a content managed site.  In our challenging environment this year with COVID-19, many site owners are taking this opportunity to re-design older sites.
Almost 80 percent of all sites we develop are now WordPress.  This is because custom sites are very expensive and don’t offer the ability for site owners to make their own changes (which are very rare). Today there are around two billion websites online.  But less than four hundred million are active.  Our goal then is to design every business site to bring real results based on the needs of our business clients.

What is needed to bring real results:

To enjoy real results online you must first consider having a visibly beautiful site.  Contact a local developer who will offer you a cost-effective design package.  We offer affordable design packages annually which offer great benefits to site owners.  Contact us to discover how cost-effective it can be to have a great site that will be remembered and provide real results.   Once this is done and the site is published to Search Engines like Google and Bing, you must also work on adding the perfect keywords, manage your meta-language, and optimize the site for mobile devices.

technical skills for web designWhat to consider before hiring a web developer:

Hiring the right developer to create your masterpiece could be a slippery slope.  I give my clients the following advice that keeps them safe and helpt to find the perfect web designers.  First, make sure the designer you choose is not only local but also allows you to see other website projects they have done.  Ask them if you could talk to other clients they have worked for.
This provides proof that they have done their due diligence and have real references.  If they cannot show real results and show you websites they have completed and offer links to those sites ….run away!  There are tons of scams online so be very careful before spending your hard-earned money.

Design options:

We provide design options for new entrepreneurs as well as for those who are looking for a re-design.  All websites should be re-designed every five to seven years.  As technology changes, so must your website to feature the new bells and whistles needed for today’s online user.  The importance of a website re-design is paramount to your real results online.  It involves a major change in the code, structure, and content of the site.  These changes will improve revenue, lower the number of bounces from your site, and greatly improve user experience.  This guages your site as to how pleasing it is to use your site and determines how long a visitor will remain on the site.

Re-Designing or Re-Building the site:

Updating and redesigning the older website will include upgrading your content management system (CMS) and it might also include moving to a new platform with more technical advantages.  Our team will migrate your old system to a new platform as we re-design the site.  Any new build will include preparing the site for mobile devices by adding this crucial programming to the source code.  We will keep your on-page SEO and off-page SEO in mind as we develop the new site.

The explanation for On-Page and Off-Page:

keyword strategyWe explain the On-Page SEO as a manipulation we make directly to a web page (behind the scenes) to produce a higher ranking site by adding the perfect keywords.   Off-Page SEO.  Off-page SEO is referring to SEO techniques that occur outside the site such as backlinking strategy, links to social websites and other search engine optimization techniques commonly used.
Staying competitive within the marketplace (online) is extremely important for any website owner.  If you compare your website to your competitors and yours does not compete with the others based upon today’s smart technology, you should immediately consider an update.  Our team is available to assist you with critiquing your older site, offering suggestions for change, and also to provide you with a proposal for an affordable re-design.

How long do people stay on a website?

You have about four seconds to capture a visitor.  If the visitor is not finding the answers they are looking for quickly and if your site is old and outdated they will normally just exit the site and continue looking for other sites.  This is called “a bounce.”  Those of you that have statistics such as Google Analytics can easily tell the bounce rate for the month.  This will give you an idea of how well your site is performing.  It could be time for a new re-design or updates to your older site.

Using software such as Google Analytics for site monitoring:

You can sign up for Google Analytics software to monitor your site. It works for you by tracking and reporting back how much traffic came to the site and how much traffic left the site.  It also has other features that might enhance your website monitoring.
In conclusion, a website that brings real results today is a site that  is known as an “authority website.”  These sites are trusted by users, and the sites most frequently linked to.  These sites receive the top levels of engagement from online traffic.  These sites gain real results in 2020.  Call us at 407-405-4877 to discuss how you can succeed and prosper.  Deciding to redesign your current site could be the key!

Orlando Website Design News:

Congrats to Sniff’N’Stop and Sikes Law Group on their new websites last month.  Stay tuned as we launch the brand new site for Inspire Capital by the end of the month.  They are looking forward to their new site which will include smart features necessary for today’s browsing public.  Inspire Capital manages sophisticated investment strategies for individuals and families.
Thanks for stopping by.  Hurry back for more next time from the Design Wizards at Inside Design Orlando (an Orlando Website Design Company since 2001).
Quote for today:
“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.


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