Impactful minimalist web design is trending

Nov 24, 2020

Impactful, minimalist design for website development is trending this year.  It simply means that less is more as we create beautiful layouts.  We know that clean and simple layouts, avoiding superfluous design elements bring the best results.  The best minimalist designers follow this rule when using shapes, textures, and colors for all design projects.  Keep in mind that all design is subjective and depends upon personal preference.  Working in the field of art and design ourselves, we see that trends come and go.

Avoid clutter and keep it simple:

Using an impactful, minimalist approach to website design means that we focus only on the details most needed.  Since the minimalist design is free of clutter, the user will be more likely to become engaged and to stay on the site.  This is crucial in today’s challenging online marketplace.  Here are a few minimalist designs to preview.

Using negative space (white space) in minimalist design:

Leaving more white space in the web design fills the page with creative and effective content.  This in turn leaves room for other images and elements.  Any unused space on the website pages (sometimes referred to as “white space”)  is negative space.  Using less content and imagery leaves this negative space.  Negative space keeps the layout and designs less cluttered and easier to navigate to find the main messages.  Minimalist designers also tend to use a limited color scheme.  This is referred to as a monochromatic color palette.

The purpose of the minimalistic design methods:

Have you ever visited a website that was outdated and had bloated content?  If you have then you can easily understand the need for minimalist design.  Today’s savvy consumer is much more interested in finding updated and clean looking sites.  These newer impactful, minimalist websites are not only easier to navigate, it is also easier to find the answers to questions consumers may have.  We all prefer the uncluttered web design.  A cluttered website causes posts hard to read, and the overall aesthetic is not as user-friendly on all platforms.
Cluttered design can often make websites, posts, and images hard to read.  Further, to combat legibility issues, businesses are resorting to a pared-down aesthetic for all platforms this year.
Today’s content strategy requires us to redesign a website about every three to five years.  As we redesign current websites, we simply elevate the look and feel for the new site to meet the latest modern standards.  And one of these latest standards is to have a clean and user-friendly minimalistic website. Experience tells us that consumers will buy from those they trust.
An older website that is outdated can cause consumers to leave your website. It is just a fact, that we all would prefer to visit online businesses that look updated and modern in appearance.  Unfortunately, even if the products from the outdated site are of better quality, the consumer will tend to gravitate toward the site which looks better and has the latest smart technology.

How minimalism impacts business websites:

The minimalism approach elevates and simplifies the interface for the normal user.  Impactful design means that each and every element used in the layout must have a specific purpose.  All other content and elements should be eliminated.  If we are redesigning a current site we normally ask the client to pare down the amount of content for the re-design.  We also suggest using more bulleted lists to outline products and services to save white space.  They may also consider having fewer pages on the website and a more user-friendly navigation system.  Designing with less complexity also leads to a faster loading website

User-friendly menus for the minimalistic design:

The choices for a more user-friendly menu are many.  As we develop minimalistic designs. we personally love a navigation choice called the “sticky menu.”  Our designers tend to and this on as much as we can.  It limits the time it takes for users to find information and it has a modern and updated look and appeal.  The sticky menu follows the user as they scroll and helps them browse through the site quickly and efficiently.

Conclusion for minimalist web design:

Our designers will continue to evolve and follow new trends as they are introduced into the marketplace.  Minimalism allows compelling communication and focused on the main message of each online brand.  We hope to develop a website that offers a great user experience for all visitors.
We imagine there will be new design trends in the new year and we hope to report on those and try them out as we accept new web design projects this year.  Our overall goal is to develop a website which features the latest and greatest smart technology available.  We understand that our clients are constantly competing for business.  In this challenging environment, we strive to bring our best talent to bear on all website projects.

The future of minimalism versus maximalism:

Many designers are changing to the opposite approach called “maximalism.”  These designs are characterized by having more of everything on the site.  More content, more imagery,  bold fonts, patterned backgrounds, and very complex animations for digital and print platforms.  To determine if your brand should embrace this method for design it is suggested that you contact a multi-media designer and discuss both options.
Our team is available to speak to you and give you an honest and open critique of your current site and offer suggestions to improve your website going forward.  We also have a full team of professional programmers and content writers to help you along the way.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our clients and visitors:

We wish all of you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday season.  We look forward to working with many of you as we embark on a brand new year ahead.  Contact our team for your next new design project.  We will be sending out a holiday newsletter soon outlining savings for the Chrismas Season ahead.
Stay tuned for the new “reveals” for Lake Mary Chiropractic, Integrity Health Group, and many other new websites as they are completed.

Jean Holland-Rose
Chief Creative Officer and SEO Professional

Thanksgiving quote:

Reflect Upon Your Blessings  “Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.”
—Charles Dickens


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